The urge would hit him even in the oddest places. That undeniable need to feel his muscles burn and his body grow. It’d strike him at home, at school, and now even in the lounge of an airport terminal on his way to see his friend.

In those moments he’d try to deny it. Focus on something else or find some excuse to do it another time. Those protests were in vain because he knew he couldn’t refuse the programming that had wormed its way into his very core. Programming from his master who had broken that weak little gem called his mind and reshaped it into a more beneficial image. The more he tried to refuse the calls in his mind of his master’s voice, an echo that told him to “Grow. Lust. Build your body More and more and more”, the more that distracting obsession would cloud his mind and a heat would rise up from his loins that would make it absolutely undeniable. His mind would Break under the weight of the resistance and in the end he would submit to the desire to workout. To flex. To grow. And each time he did, even if it was something as simple as pushups on the floor of the airport, the immense rush of satisfaction and pleasure he’d get would just strengthen his conditioning more and more; like a well trained puppy salivating at the sound of a bell.

It felt so good! He’d never worked out this much in his life, and in a few short days, his new master had him pumping out reps like a lunatic whenever he got the chance. Soon he found new compulsions that directed him to workout. Finish a class? 30 sit ups. Speak to Master? 100 squats. Feel a rush of arousal stirring his cock to get harder and harder? 20 push ups. He found himself doing a lot of push ups stirred on by the relentless flow of thoughts about muscle, growth and the attainment of a new, better body for his master. He could already feel it. The firmness in his chest, the sculpture of his abs. Each rep and each day brought him closer and closer to that dream of muscular perfection. He’d rise from the floor and without prompting almost involuntarily flex his worked muscles, feeling the plump, pumped fibers ripple and contract beneath his skin. He could feel them growing beneath his very fingers, envisioning the huge sculpted body he would have soon enough. It was even being noticed by others, his transformation and new found “dedication to fitness” being taken note of. Little did they know it was fueled by the deliberate, powerful programming of his master.

It all sent shivers down his spine and his eyes would roll back and he’d almost immediately have to drop and do 20 more push ups once again; forced to obey the commands of his master, and his leaking, throbbing member. His Lust for growth was all encompassing and he loved every second of it. 

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