Of course! I wouldn’t make these files if I didn’t see some positivity and use in them. In every archetype and transformative activity there is benefit.

For most people its a matter of picking and choosing what works from an archetype. For the pup that might be love of service, enjoyment in loyalty and ownership. Embracing your own submissive urges and letting them bring you bliss. This is a beautiful and valid way of engaging with conditioning. It can illuminate new drives and desires, and give you ways of living that maybe you hadn’t considered before. It is a supplement to what you are already doing.

For others it is a case of wholly throwing themselves into the archetype, becoming a paragon of these ideals and actions. Going the full journey with Pup hood and master and collar. Leaving behind your old life in a Lacanian Act of total abandonment to desire. Becoming a representative of your loves. Being a Pup. Letting it transform you and give you new total meaning.

There is uncertainty and trepidation to these things of course. But if there weren’t and it was a completely sure process where you knew what was on the other side, then you simply would not want it as deeply. It is in a radical leap of faith that we find total transformation. Just doing the thing, consequences be damned.