Alpha Breeder(Patreon Link)

Disclaimer: Files in the Black Label series are intended to explore darker elements of the human psyche, including emotions such as rage, jealousy, humiliation, and superiority, as well as encouraging Explicit sexual thoughts and anti-social behaviours surrounding them. Do not listen to this file if you are in any way uncomfortable with the above concepts. Before listening, please ensure you have the mental failsafes necessary to refuse a suggestion that is not right for you. You have been warned.

CW// Mentions of pregnancy, bisexual sex, incredibly raunchy language, Intense domination, Arrogance and Superiority, BREEDING

Featuring an All-New Exclusive Induction!!!

Let the black hand of Trance guide you down and remind you of your true Alpha destiny. To Fuck, to Breed. To dominate and use your cock and your cum as tools of absolute power.

Let that insatiable and God-like animal instinct surge through you and overwhelm you as you realize that everyone around you is nothing more than a hole for you to breed. An object for your sexual desire. Vicious, animal lust completely awakening that Alpha Breeder God inside of you.


“Just tried Alpha Breeder for the first time (of many) for a pre-workout boost. i gotta say i’m a sexual person but had hang ups around actual penetrative fucking. i’ve been showing off my incredible bulge for ages and had guys obsessed with it and begging for it for years. the second avis anf the black hand showed me what it was for i knew that was behind me. i’m rock hard and gonna forego anything under my gym shorts. cos there’s this bottom who’s been wanting my dick for weeks who goes there. the second i woke up i messaged him. i’m gonna bareback fuck one of my heirs into him as soon as i can after my workout. im never going back. fuck” – @thembo-fred 1/28/22

Had a go with the alpha breeder and damn it’s really intense. I was rock hard on command and I can feel the weight and heft in between my legs, making me spread my legs further apart. I can feel these bull balls churning hard and leaking hard, it is craving for action. My mind was hazy with the raging lust and I don’t recall much of what happen in between. But, it was an extremely pleasurable experience.” AbgSado(Discord) 1/14/22