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Do It – Anti-Procrastination Hypnosis

We all have those moments where we want or need to do something, but we just can’t muster up the motivation and the energy to get it started.

The weight of executive dysfunction prevents us from moving forward with our lives.

But occasionally someone comes along and tells us to just get up and do it. And somehow that lights a spark in us.

Now you can simply let me be that voice inside you, telling you to “Do it” when there is something to be done.


“Just listened to the new file “Do It” and had my first 1,000 word writing session in a few weeks

Really nice trance honestly, I love the Rainfall Induction and I love Avis’ self-help stuff and I LOVE when a file is like, 20 minutes because it’s way easier make time for it. (Hence why I also love Abyss Drone ). I honestly think this is a great, peaceful kinda mood-setter I could see myself listening to regularly in the mornings, as a way to set my framework for the day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make my to-do list, listen to this, and get cracking again :3

Do recommend!”@jockoutwest(14/02/22)

Alpha Breeder- Patreon Exclusive

Alpha Breeder(Patreon Link)

Disclaimer: Files in the Black Label series are intended to explore darker elements of the human psyche, including emotions such as rage, jealousy, humiliation, and superiority, as well as encouraging Explicit sexual thoughts and anti-social behaviours surrounding them. Do not listen to this file if you are in any way uncomfortable with the above concepts. Before listening, please ensure you have the mental failsafes necessary to refuse a suggestion that is not right for you. You have been warned.

CW// Mentions of pregnancy, bisexual sex, incredibly raunchy language, Intense domination, Arrogance and Superiority, BREEDING

Featuring an All-New Exclusive Induction!!!

Let the black hand of Trance guide you down and remind you of your true Alpha destiny. To Fuck, to Breed. To dominate and use your cock and your cum as tools of absolute power.

Let that insatiable and God-like animal instinct surge through you and overwhelm you as you realize that everyone around you is nothing more than a hole for you to breed. An object for your sexual desire. Vicious, animal lust completely awakening that Alpha Breeder God inside of you.


“Just tried Alpha Breeder for the first time (of many) for a pre-workout boost. i gotta say i’m a sexual person but had hang ups around actual penetrative fucking. i’ve been showing off my incredible bulge for ages and had guys obsessed with it and begging for it for years. the second avis anf the black hand showed me what it was for i knew that was behind me. i’m rock hard and gonna forego anything under my gym shorts. cos there’s this bottom who’s been wanting my dick for weeks who goes there. the second i woke up i messaged him. i’m gonna bareback fuck one of my heirs into him as soon as i can after my workout. im never going back. fuck” – @thembo-fred 1/28/22

Had a go with the alpha breeder and damn it’s really intense. I was rock hard on command and I can feel the weight and heft in between my legs, making me spread my legs further apart. I can feel these bull balls churning hard and leaking hard, it is craving for action. My mind was hazy with the raging lust and I don’t recall much of what happen in between. But, it was an extremely pleasurable experience.” AbgSado(Discord) 1/14/22

Dumbing Down Dread

Art by Acro @sodalite96/ Used with their permission. Go check them out!)

Recently and for basically my whole time producing Jock/Jock Adjacent Hypno content I’ve gotten a variation on the same question.

“Is it possible to listen to your files without losing my I.Q. Points?”

I’ve gotten it on discord, Tumblr Asks and DMs, Patreon messages, the works.
I’ve always said this, but I.Q. is perhaps one of the worst ways that we’ve developed to measure intellect. Highly rigid and dogmatic, Deeply contextual to certain societies, developed as tools of eugenicist movements, and overall being relatively limited and restrictive to the type of intelligence that gets valued. (Here are some links and citations for further reading because one doesn’t just make claims 1, 2, 3).

But it’s good as short-hand and it is kind of alluring to imagine something as complicated as intelligence being twisted and manipulated like a knob on a console; raising and lowering a number.

Lots of really good tf stories have that hook. I’m even guilty of using the term once or twice in my files or my captions(though always with a disclaimer attached)

But overall I get the question that’s really being asked. You’re basically worried that by using my files you’re suddenly going to be zonked into a drooling incapable Moron and that scares you for some reason.

Well, first to assuage the fears of both you and many others. If you don’t want it to happen (either consciously or unconsciously) then you probably have nothing to worry about. Any tist or file-creator worth their spirals will always tell you that your brain is fully capable of refusing most suggestions, and at any point you can say “No” or revoke consent.

That’s the simple answer to your question.

However I’d like to use this as an opportunity to ask those of you with this similar concern to consider some alternate perspectives.

I’ve worked with a fair few people who would be considered very intelligent by the standards of most intellectual purists. College educated, Diplomas. Some with doctorates. Lawyers, actors, presenters, writers, More than one Biomed student.

All of whom have enjoyed Dumbing in one form or another. I’ve even partook of some of my own work like the Painted Himbo file and Enjoyed that Pink haze of ditzy dumbness myself. It is incredibly enjoyable. Freeing. Reducing your thoughts and vocabulary. Allowing that Uninhibited Fratty-Ditzy-Drooly Dumbness to overwhelm you. 

One will note that the people I am talking about, myself included are not drooling invalids at this point in time.

That is because most people who go for dumbing do it as a part of a singular experience. A passing high like the buzz of a drink or a Smoke. They enjoy it and then they return to their baseline of competence, occasionally bringing along some of the more fun aspects of reduced capacity with enough Listens. Because as anyone who has done any form of hypnotic programming will tell you, in order to see long-term effects you’ve gotta listen consistently and put in the work yourself . Otherwise you’re not gonna see any changes.

The majority of people will probably experience Dumbing Hypnosis in this fleeting, fun, experiential way, so there is nothing to be worried about for the majority of you. Go listen. Enjoy. Zonk to your hearts desire.
However there is another perspective. Another question to ask.

Is it really that bad to be dumb?

Societal expectations and typical modern value systems prize certain forms of intellect because they are associated with productivity. In short, Smart people make slightly less smart but more ruthless people more money.

If you want to live within this system that’s more than ok. It’s not bad to be smart.

But in my experience many of the subjects with whom I’ve worked who have been tempted by and decided for themselves to plunge deep into the realms of permanent dumbing have almost invariably come back out of it happier, healthier, and without an ounce of regret.

Men who had achieved the societal expectation of intellect but were never fulfilled by it. In fact were ravaged by the anxiety and dissatisfaction which it so often brings.
Who relished the chance to finally give up that life and reduce their cares along with their Vocabulary. Restrict their anxiety in addition to their interests. To indulge in blissful ignorance and uninhibited joy. But even these people didn’t completely ruin their lives.

Can it truly said to be ruination if at the end of the day you have a smile on your face and a newfound appreciation for life?
Its just a pivot. A change.
Being smart is right for some people in the same way university might be right for some people.
But it’s not right for everyone.

So perhaps one should question if its ever been right for you, or if you might instead prefer to be like one of those Happy few who gave up the chains of expectation and lived for themselves for once.

Perhaps one should question how much your “High I.Q.” has really contributed to your overall happiness.

Perhaps you should give a few of my dumbing files a listen, cause surely Smart guys like you will be able to appreciate some of the arguments now that you know you have nothing to worry about.

A Crash Course In Trance: Hypnotists

(Art by Acro @sodalite96/ Used with their permission. Go check them out!)

This is a continuation of this post which discusses trancing to files.

Trancing with a Hypnotist, whether online or in real life is often a whole additional skill set to trancing with files. This isn’t due to one’s inherent superiority over the other, far from it in fact. It mostly has to do with the fact that working with a tist directly adds the unpredictable variable of another human being. One with their own desires, wants and techniques. Files provide a consistent, high quality product that the subject can interact with as they please. They are reliable and excellent for programming. When trancing to a file if a subject has a poor experience they can simply chalk it up to not liking the creator’s style or simply being “unable” to trance to files (an excuse that I hear and then usually prove wrong with a couple links to my youtube channel). But the moment a tist is introduced into the mix; the supposed pinnacle of trance experiences, and a subject still finds themselves unable to go under, it usually results in two equally negative thoughts that can colour their understanding of trance forever.
Either 1) Something is wrong with this hypnotist.
Or 2) Something is wrong with me.

The first leads to resentment and blame, while the latter leads to doubt and anxiety. Both of which can block future trance experiences.

So here I shall provide a small set of tips to making the most out of your time with a tist and to hopefully impart some best practices for approaching direct hypnosis.


A hypnotic relationship is exactly that, a relationship. The best trance you can have with a tist comes after you’ve established a bond with them. Get to know them, even just a little bit. In doing so you develop one of the most important things that you need in trance; trust. Far too many subjects approach tists with an unfortunate transactional nature that prevents proper bonds from being formed within the hypnosis community. Failing to see tists as people and individuals. Never taking the time to know them. I’ve lost count of the amount of subjects who have barged into my inbox with some variation on “Are you a hypnotist?? Trance me.” Now I’m sure that there are some Hypnotists who enjoy that kind of thing. No strings, very shallow…i’ve never met any but statistically speaking there must be. But the majority deep down probably aren’t fans. Imagine if a random person on the street just randomly approached you with an offer of sex. Under other circumstances you might be tempted, but you don’t know that person so you’re repelled instantly.
However everyone likes getting to know people, coming to understand them. I’m not kidding when I say that the only subjects I ever work with personally are those that I’ve grown to be genuine good friends with. In addition to building trust and just generally being a good and decent thing to do, establishing that relationship and getting to know your hypnotists can allow them to do a much better job at trancing you. Through bonding they learn about you, your personality, your psychology and can therefore more effectively make changes to it through trance. But it’s not only good for a tist. The supply and Demand ratio of Subs to tists is so skewed that a lot of times sub-standard and abusive tists can get away with anything simply because the demand for tists is high enough. By getting to know and vet your hypnotists beforehand you have a better chance of weeding out those tists who don’t match your standards. And in doing so you make the community a safer place by slowly pushing out those who don’t hold themselves to high ethical standards. So the next time you want to work with a hypnotist, consider asking them about themselves first, trying to forge those bonds before begging for trance.


Communication is Key. I will never stop stressing this fact. Clear, regular communication between you and your tist is important at all steps of the process. At the outset, especially with a newly fostered hypno relationship, you need to be specific with the things you like, the things you don’t. Your expectations and limitations for trance and your own emotional state. And no, saying you “Like brainwashing” and that you want to “go deep” isn’t enough. A lot of tists need direction, at least a little bit to get started and give you a good experience. Furthermore, a lot of tists really enjoy feedback in trance. Little moans and twitches, repeating back what they say to them to make sure they know you haven’t fallen asleep. If there is one place where you don’t have to be restrained or afraid to speak up, it’s in trance. So put on a little show, be verbal or in the case of text hypno simply go along with the fantasy. You’d be surprised how effective playing along can be at getting you deeper than you’ve ever gone before.

And finally, communicate once trance has ended. Give feedback. Praise your tist and stroke their ego if it was a good experience, or give constructive criticism about what you didn’t enjoy if that was the case(some tists do have difficulty taking this however). Don’t be shy to share your feelings with your tist and most certainly don’t lie, but at the same time bear in mind that you are talking to another human being, and be kind and gentle. By communicating clearly and consistently you give your tist more to work with, and you increase the likelihood of having a 2nd session. However, trying to put your experience into words can be difficult for some people, but ultimately I believe it’s beneficial and it helps you understand how trance works for you to talk through it. Remember, don’t force anything and take your time. It’ll come to you eventually. Once again. Communication is Key. Never forget that.


Working directly with another person can be so daunting with anxieties streaming in from so many sources. “What if I’m a bad subject?” “What if the tist is abusive?” “What if they want to see me and I’m not comfortable with my body?” What if, what if, what if. These concerns and anxieties can infect your mind and prevent you from having an enjoyable trance, which is a shame for something that is at its root meant to be a pleasurable, therapeutic experience. There are a number of reasons why this anxiety and concern is so prevalent about trance but I will posit one that I think isn’t discussed often enough. In the hypnosis community there is an automatic perceived power dynamic between the subject and the hypnotist. It’s presumed that the tist is dominant and holds all the power and that the subject is merely a passive, submissive pawn that the experience “happens to” which can make a subject feel uncomfortable if they didn’t sign up for that kind of power imbalance. But while this is certainly a relationship type that does exist in the community (however it isn’t one I’m a massive fan of, personally), I discourage subjects and tists alike from assuming it as the default. The subject is as much an active participant in trance as the hypnotist and they hold power as well. This is sometimes skewed by that Supply/Demand imbalance I talked about earlier. When there are a hundred subjects for every tist one inherently gains more leverage than the other. But at the core of it, Trance is a partnership and if you bear in mind the Bond, Trust and communication I discussed previously then your anxiety over that power dynamic will be reduced, I guarantee it.


In my experience, while there are certainly a lot of sub-par and abusive hypnotists out there, a subject’s true worst enemy is usually themselves. Self-sabotage is the number one reason hypnosis fails to work, both for files and with tists. Trance and Hypnosis are a purely mental experience. It’s all in your head. That doesn’t mean it’s somehow less real, our entire reality is constructed in our head from sense impressions. Everything exists in your mentality. But it does mean that Hypnosis and your experience of it is deeply impacted by your mindset. And unfortunately I cannot count how many subjects have come to me with awful, awful mindsets.

The most common refrain I’ve heard is this excuse that “I’m just a bad subject” “Oh Trance doesn’t work on me” “Files don’t work for me” And it hurts me every time because Yeah, of course it doesn’t with a mindset like that. Maintaining and holding on to those delusions only ever results in a self fulfilling prophecy. Even if you want it, if you either tell yourself consciously or subconsciously that you’ll never get it then you’ve lost the fight before it even started.

These thoughts and barriers usually form as a protective mechanism; an excuse. Subjects will have a few suboptimal sessions, or they don’t know what trance feels like and therefore can’t gauge whether they have gone under or not. And instead of analyzing the things that might have occurred to prevent trance, they jump to a form of fatalism. They craft the excuse that it is an innate quality of themselves that they can’t trance, and in doing so they make it true. You can’t trance because you think you can’t trance.

The first and most important step before approaching hypnosis is to form an open, free, and unresisting mindset. To throw away those preconceptions of inability and simply let it happen to you.

I hope this little tirade has given folks some insight on how to trance more effectively with other people. A lot of it might seem obvious to some, but sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones.

A Crash Course in Trance: Files

(Art by Acro @sodalite96/ Used with their permission. Go check them out!)

Oftentimes new subjects come to me and they don’t know the first thing about trance. None of its mechanics or methods, and so it can be very daunting for them; to step into such a wide abyss without knowing what to expect and what is expected of you. Many of them, even experienced subjects, expect that 100% of the work is and should be done by the Hypnotist. In truth both parties, the hypnotist and the subject, must be willing and able. But while it’s more readily apparent what must be done in order for a tist to be successful in their endeavors, many subjects/potential subjects can have a hard time understanding what it takes to get the most out of their trance, both from pre-recorded files, and from live sessions with a hypnotist. So, I’m here to give you what is in my opinion, the essential Crash Course to Trance, starting first with trancing to files.


Find yourself somewhere nice, darkened and quiet, where you know you won’t be disturbed. This is already a hard task for a lot of subjects, living with other people always increases the chance that one might barge in on you, eyes glazed over, drooling all over yourself. Or that someone’s reckless pounding from above might shake the abyss so thoroughly that it takes you out of trance. But here is the thing I will stress. While physical quiet is a good idea as it allows you to focus on the words and suggestions streaming into your head, What matters so much more is internal peace and quiet. A location where you can feel at ease and safe and secure in yourself. A locked bedroom surrounded by mountains of pillows. Your favorite plush armchair that threatens to swallow you almost as well as the Abyss of Trance. The peaceful morning route on the train whose path you know so well that you can be lulled into trance just by the rumbling vibrations of the tracks beneath your seat. Wherever you can be comfortable.

The ideal location for trance I’m sure does exist in some government facility or therapists office somewhere, where you can be dropped into an isolation tank and be brainwashed clean. But most of us will never encounter that. So what matters then is the ideal mindset for trance, which is one of peace, safety, trust and assurance.


This is one of the reasons so many love using files. Because its barrier to entry is so low. All you really need is something to play the file on and a place to listen. This is in contrast to working directly with a tist where you need, at the very least, A good internet connection, maybe a camera, Another person who you trust and who might be wildly inconsistent. Or working in person which probably will require a whole location and time-table to get set up. No, Files are relatively simple and they are no better or worse than live sessions for certain purposes. However, like all simple things, they can be elevated by improving its ingredients. A box cake from the store and a home-made chiffon are functionally the same, but their difference comes in the ingredients and technique.

So for trance I recommend spoiling yourself a little, at the very least buy yourself some decent quality over-ear headphones. Many file-makers (myself included) add frequencies and binaural beats underneath the main track. These serve the purpose of training your own brain’s waveforms to a certain frequency, thus more easily taking you into trance. But they can only be detected and properly registered with some good headphones. Additionally, The encapsulation of headphones provides a more immersive experience, isolating you and transporting you through the trance experience like you are in your own little world. Trust me. $600 studio headphones aren’t needed, But a good quality wired $40 headset goes a long way and is multi-purpose. A decent quality chair or mattress also will serve you well, not just in trance but in life.


Trance is a very tricky state that, like all things, requires practice and patience to master. Staying in trance is like a tightrope walk, teetering gently between the realm of conscious awareness, and the oblivion of total unconscious and sleep. It is the liminal space between the two, that subconscious space that makes trance and hypnosis possible. It is the state where your mind is most open to total suggestion and where magical things can happen. So how does one walk the line between these two modes of being? The answer is focus. Or rather Half-focus. Focusing without focusing. With descriptions like that it can sound like some kind of Zen riddle, but that is often what it feels like sometimes. Now this is not a laser focus like you would expect in a classroom setting, no one is being tested here. It’s a more gentle and subtle focus. Like focusing on the world around you. Focusing on the wind on your face, the rise and fall of your lungs; On the way your body just goes loose and slumps over. The trick is to go in and to follow along, to listen and pay attention and try to comply with the suggestions given at first. Suspend your disbelief and engage with it unironically and without pretense. If you notice yourself drifting, don’t try to force it back to focus. Simply let it explore where it wants and to carry on organically. Nothing in trance needs to be forced. Simply focused on and allowed to happen.

Many subs oscillate in trance, their minds ebbing and flowing like a Sine wave; wavering in and out of trance, one minute aware, the next minute completely blank and asleep, and then for a brief moment in bliss. But it averages out to trance at the end of it. One must also not fear dropping out of trance. Focusing too much on that eventuality makes it a self fulfilling prophecy. Just Focus-not-focus-half-focus and enjoy yourself.


So many subjects look at files and their mind begins to spin with endless questions and anxieties. Worries about “losing themselves” or “changing too much” or “doing things they don’t want to do.” It’s a valid set of concerns for a new subject, uninitiated in the true mechanics of trance and only knowing of hypnosis what is shown in the media. Evil villains and monsters brainwashing our heroes to do horribly enticing and arousing things. So ingrained is this idea that it even crossed over into the allure of hypnosis files. And while I won’t say it’s impossible for that to happen, I have 3 comments on it to ease your mind. First, with Files, one of the best things about it is that the subject gets to control practically every single aspect of the experience. When you do it, how many times you listen, and whether you listen at all to begin with. While all files should be clearly labelled with Content and trigger warnings and given an explicit summary of what they are and what they do, we know that is not the case. The amount of “Mystery files” I’ve seen on various forums irks me to no end. But it appeals to some people. However, for those who are not particularly fond of surprises you have the absolute power to review the file before you trance to it. You can give it a fully aware walk through, or just jump through segments to look for anything that doesn’t suit your taste.

Once you’ve done that however you might still be conflicted about some content. Not openly averse to it, but unsure. Dumbing down and IQ reduction are probably number one on this list. People are so terrified of somehow losing everything when they learn to stop overthinking things. For these concerns my second point suggests Introspection. Ask yourself “Why do I/Don’t I want this?” “Is it really as bad as my anxiety is making it out to be?” Because if you like something a lot, and really want it, then why should you deny yourself it out of fear? Even aside from dumbing, many desires are tinged with this air of guilt or fear. Terrified to acknowledge or grab hold of what we truly want and own up to it. In my estimation Hypnosis can be one of the best ways of dabbling with those desires because in trance there is no shame or judgement.

Finally, my 3rd point says you don’t have to worry. If you really don’t like a suggestion you can always leave it behind. Your mind has built in fail-safes to reject suggestions you haven’t agreed to. A file cannot make you do something unless you want it, at least subconsciously. The old cliche goes “All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis” and what that fundamentally means is that as a subject you are the one who decides what happens. You consent and go along with things and allow them to happen to you. It is your desire, your focus, your arousal and your own subconscious that allows hypnosis to work. Subjects have more power than they know.

Avis’ Subject Symposium Ch.2

Subject =/= Submissive

Subject =/= Submissive

(Art by @Cutestabber: / Used with their permission. Go check them out! )

Picture for a moment the quintessential “Subject”; the baseline from which all other Hypnotic subjects are measured. Chances are the ideal for most people is pretty similar. Smiling, Simple, drooling, completely subservient to their hypnotic master and following every suggestion like a geas placed upon their feeble little minds.

This is the assumption that has been the bane of my existence as a Hypnotist. The preconceived notion that going into trance is an inherently submissive act and that all subjects do or even should act like this.
That going into trance with someone else somehow makes you weaker or less of a dom. It is a mindset that has locked so many people away from the wonderful experience of trance for fear that they might somehow lose a piece of themselves, or be thrust into a subordinate position. And that’s without even getting into the mindset among many guys about submission being negative or somehow a flaw to be corrected.

Now in fairness, the association with Hypnosis as being inherently intertwined with BDSM and Sub/Dom Dynamics as a whole does have a strong history. I recall as a subject when most of the tists I’d interact with would instantly demand submission, devotion, unquestioning loyalty. Centering themselves and their domination at the crux of our interactions regardless of if that was what I was looking for or not (Note well for any novice subjects. That is a definite red flag).
And many who’s burgeoning interest in hypnosis spawns from media they watched as a youth often feel an attraction to that loss of power. Obedience to another’s whims, letting someone else take control of their life; where oftentimes language of weakness and submission comes almost instinctually. I’m not contesting that for a lot of people the appeal to hypnosis comes from that arrangement of power. But in my mind that is not all hypnosis is or should be.

Many people approach hypnosis thinking that its essence is about submission. Giving in and accepting being inferior; giving up some vital part of yourself to a hypnotist like the thrall of some vampiric master. As if all it takes to put someone into a trance and affect the very core of their being is to dominate them. As if the whole range of sensory experiences and transformative revelations that can be gleaned from trance boils down to a simplistic power dynamic oft perverted by many of its proponents..

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a well known fact that many athletes from the ferocious Mike Tyson to the prolific Tiger Woods have used Hypnosis to boost their skills through the roof. Psyching them out before a match. Pushing them far past the point of mediocrity in their training. Making them love the sport and Dominate the playing field. Does it seem like any of them would have submitted to become subservient, obedient boys in the face of trance?

Trance is often used in a therapeutic Context. Easing pain, reducing anxiety. Allowing the subject to indulge in pleasure and experiences that benefit their mental state. Augmenting their minds, but never subjugating it. Would anyone ever assume that these experiences take away from the subject? Make them less than they once were? No on both counts. I personally have interacted with and tranced folks who could very easily and in many cases have dominated me entirely. Strong Alpha personalities and muscled bodies who gravitate to trance in order to supplement their own pleasure or to enhance their innate power.

Why then is the default position by so many people approaching trance that it must be an interplay of submission and domination?
It’s a viewpoint that I think the community as a whole needs to be weaned off because in the end it does more harm than good. Not only for the potential subjects who believe their dominant natures to be incompatible with trance; and therefore hardening their minds for when they actually do attempt it. Missing out on all the wondrous experiences and benefits of hypnosis.
Not only for practiced subjects who assume that because a tist is dominant it means they are effective and to be worked with (Thereby contributing to the glut of bad experiences in the community). But also for many Hypnotists who feel forced to put on this dominant façade in order to be taken seriously. Who affect the aloof and distant nature of pop culture Dom/mes the world over and ultimately end up reducing the quality of the experience both for themselves and for their subjects. Folks who restrict themselves to interplays of Power and the Sub/Dom dynamic and lock themselves out of experimenting with different styles, genres and themes.

So then, if submission isn’t the essence of trance, what is? Well I reiterate as I have before. Trust and communication are at the core of all Trance and all Hypnotic relationships. Trust in your Hypnotist or Hypno File Creator, allowing you to be at ease with them and focus on the trance itself, on the gorgeous sensations of relaxation without having to worry about the ulterior motives or somehow losing a part of yourself. Communication with your subject, checking up on them. Learning about them as people and not as play things. Developing that rapport and building a true relationship, or in the case of file creators, learning about your audience and understanding their motivations and mindset in order to put out a superior product.

Submission comes as icing on the cake for those who want it. And it certainly doesn’t feature as a central focus of all Hypnotic work. So for those doms interested in trying out some beneficial trance, let go of that apprehension and dive deep into the abyss. You might find it only increases your dominant tendencies.

Avis’ Subject Symposium Ch. 1


(Art by Acro/ Used with their permission. Go check them out!)

The building block upon which all hypnosis thrives. Trance is that special space where your mind opens to suggestion, a half-conscious state that isn’t quite total lucidity, but isn’t the full oblivion of sleep either. Every tranceformation begins with a good trance, to allow the suggestions to be internalized, absorbed; to become a part of you. But for so many subjects, both Novices and Veterans, they have no clue what a “Good” trance actually is. I’ve worked with many subjects who listen to files and play with hypnotists, but they always have this doubt. They are never quite sure when they’ve gone under or what they should be feeling because they don’t experience things in the way their other subject peers or hypnotic media tells them they should.

It’s such a tricky thing to work with; After all, there is no empirical measure of “tranced-ness” and what could be more subjective an experience than the perception of your own mind when you drift in that liminal space between waking and dreaming.

It is like searching in a dark room looking for a texture of some mysterious fabric that someone else in another dark room has described as essential, despite also being blind and functionally clueless themselves.

So what does trance look like? Feel like? The experience of trance is as varied and diverse as the subjects who seek it and the hypnotists who induce it and so much is up to the individual subject/hypnotist dynamic. The texture of the voice, the choice of words, the emotional state of all involved. But I’ve come across some fairly common shared experiences.

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Muscle Growth Massage

Slip into a fantastical mindscape that feels more real and and more concrete than the world around you. Dip into fantasy for a short time and indulge in the perfect touch of a muscle growth massage given to you by Avis himself, unlocking your potential and growing you as big and strong and sexy as you could possibly imagine. All of the growth in the world just from a short experience, with a little extra in the downstairs department just to keep things proportional. No stress. No cares. Only Growth.


Out of all the files I listen to it’s definitely a nice change of tone. Able to relax and feels like Avis is right there rubbing me down and helping me end my day. Especially with that pleasure of growth along the way. Adding it to my regimen for growth.” – Growingwolf(Discord) 29/12/21

“Listened to Muscle Growth Massage a couple of times for the past week. This is truly a really relaxing piece and a very visual driven imagery exercise to hone in on the ideal muscular perfection I strive to achieve. It leaves me feeling a bit thicker and bulgier all over, eagerly wanting for more size and mass.” – AbgSado(Discord)29/12/21

Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid

Patreon exclusive

C//W: Do not even THINK about using this file if you are in any way uncomfortable with the concept of Steroids. While this file does not encourage using steroids, the word is used multiple times and the file is designed so as to mimic the effects of many anabolic steroids. This file also contains crass language and suggestions for aggression and “roid rage”
Listener discretion is advised

Right, now that that’s out of the way

Dive into the abyss into one of the most intense Muscle driving files that has ever been produced. My words condensing down into chemical drops to augment the way you think and to even affect your own internal chemistry. Get your shot of the Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid and start manifesting your destiny as a Hyper-masculine roided up Hormonal Beast.

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How to be an Alpha Ch.3: Pleasure

The Alpha derives all pleasure from his own superiority. The pure perfection and absolute supremacy feeling like a constant intoxicating glow that goes to his head and lights a fire in his chest. That godly body, chiseled and carved like a work of art from perfect genetic stock. The mental dominance and power that gives him the attitude and personality that demands worship, submission, and Tribute. That undeniable aura of Cocky self-satisfaction that can be felt by everyone in his presence. A pulsating, throbbing energy that speaks silently to every inferior and says “Fuck, you wish you were me.”.

An Alpha’s every action feels like pure erotic enjoyment. The Divine birthright coursing through his veins and giving him an almost psychedelic experience that could never be felt by lesser beings. That recognition manifests itself in the cocky smirk, the piercing eyes, The pump, the flex; every action screaming “I know I’m superior and I love every second of it.”

The worthless worms of the world would try to bring down the Alpha’s Godhood by ascribing to him certain traits. “Selfish” “Self-Centered” “Arrogant” “Narcissistic”

But those words are music to the ears of a God. Reclaimed slurs that they can take pride in because they know they deserve to be as cocky and powerful as they are. They’ve worked for their bodies and their attitudes, or better yet, been born into greatness and chosen by fate to rule the world.

A god cares not for the opinions of an ant. Their insults bring him pleasure. Every utterance sending shivers of sensuous electric energy up his spine and giving him something to think about later while he fucks your hubby.

Its addicting honestly, the cockiness and narcissism providing a better high than any other drug. The endorphin rush to his brain making him crave more; More muscle, More domination. More worship and tribute from lesser beings, Till it gets to the point where even when they are bringing pleasure to others, Railing some faggots mouth or breeding another bimbo slut, they are really doing it to enhance and confirm their own supremacy.

Every moan of pleasure, every scream of ecstasy. Every hole bred and left behind, leaking with superior seed, simply acts as a testament to his domination. His power. His natural alpha superiority.

All those sluts and cumdumpsters nothing more than holes to make him feel good.

That power and glorious pleasure concentrated to such a point as to become toxic. But the Alpha relishes that toxicity bordering on psychopathy, those basic, pitiful pleasures become banal for him and he seeks out progressively more. increasingly intense experiences, anything to sate that Interior God complex. Not giving a shit about the consequences or feelings of inferior cunts. His pleasure is all that matters.

And that knowledge is the ultimate pleasure of an alpha. The thing that truly gets him going and sets him along a dark path that few are capable of conceiving.

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