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Abyssal Asks: In your ‘Dumbing down Dread’ article you mentioned that being dumbed down could be a positive thing and spoke favourably of those who welcome it. Do you feel similarly about permanent pup conditioning – a subject delving into using trance to work towards permanently thinking and behaving more like a dog?

Of course! I wouldn’t make these files if I didn’t see some positivity and use in them. In every archetype and transformative activity there is benefit.

For most people its a matter of picking and choosing what works from an archetype. For the pup that might be love of service, enjoyment in loyalty and ownership. Embracing your own submissive urges and letting them bring you bliss. This is a beautiful and valid way of engaging with conditioning. It can illuminate new drives and desires, and give you ways of living that maybe you hadn’t considered before. It is a supplement to what you are already doing.

For others it is a case of wholly throwing themselves into the archetype, becoming a paragon of these ideals and actions. Going the full journey with Pup hood and master and collar. Leaving behind your old life in a Lacanian Act of total abandonment to desire. Becoming a representative of your loves. Being a Pup. Letting it transform you and give you new total meaning.

There is uncertainty and trepidation to these things of course. But if there weren’t and it was a completely sure process where you knew what was on the other side, then you simply would not want it as deeply. It is in a radical leap of faith that we find total transformation. Just doing the thing, consequences be damned.

Abyssal Asks: Would you say it’s best to live in a Dionysian or Apollonian way?

HA! Look at this fucking NERD wanting me to discuss Nietzschean philosophy. I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

But in all seriousness. For those who aren’t in the Know, The Apollonian way represents the “lighter” aspects of human rationale in western culture. It’s harmony, Logic, self-improvement, temperance, art and discipline. Upward clearly defined progress of the type that is often lauded by individuals who would see themselves as son’s of the enlightenment.

The Dionysian Way is its contrast. Almost more closely aligned with Jung’s Shadow. It is our madness, our irrationality and idiotic passion. Chaos and revelry and uninhibited pleasure seeking. But it is also Instinct. Animal drive. Ecstacy and prophecy.

The majority of western rationalism that dominates how we operate would suggest that the Apollonian way is the best and only way to live. That we must disavow Dionysus’ drunken whispers in the back of our mind and only follow his clean-cut overachiever brother. This is present in a lot of enlightenment era philosophy. Its a bit of a snobbish way of looking at things and I find it to be the core of a lot of issues i have with Frankfurt Scholars. And if you go and look into these weirdos who could be seen as paragons of Apollonianism they often have massive uncontrolled dark urges that end up getting them in trouble because they try to hide it.

In a rare agreement with Nietzsche, I suggest that both are needed. Both must be embraced. Repressing and ignoring these darker aspects of ourselves essentially locks away half of our potential. Trying to shut emotion and illogic in a closet. And it ultimately always slips out, often in destructive and uncontrollable ways.

It is better in my opinion to let the valve of the Dionysian urge be free to vent at any time. To mingle the light with the dark and explore depths of shadow and Chiaroscuro within our own being. Through this method we can reach even greater heights than simply expecting that preppy, twink Apollo to carry us the whole way. In striving to be better, we must also explore what worse can bring us.

I believe that I’ve done a lot of Dionysian exploration with a lot of my Archetype ideals. The abyss itself is arguably a manifestation of the inchoate potential that can be found in the depths of madness.

But again, every shadow has its light source and each archetype has a more “lightened” manifestation.

Maybe i’ll do a How-to series on that one day.

Abyssal Asks: Is it okay to listen to the files while doing stuff like chores, walking around or working out, or should they only be listened when relaxed and doing nothing?

Truly, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to this issue. I believe that trance as a state of mind should be respected and given its own space and time. You should be able to lie down with no other distractions or responsibilities and give yourself over to the bliss of my words and suggestions. No stress, good headphones, close the blinds. Enjoy yourself. That’s how I typically do it and that is when I get the best experiences from my files. And in my experience the vast majority of people will also get the best experience from this as well.

That said, I know a lot of folks who are very capable of meshing the two. For some it heightens both experiences. I designed the Loops specifically to appeal to that crowd, but I still know tons of Bulls who love to workout with my full files blasting in their ears, making their nuts churn and their souls ring.

I think ultimately, as with almost all things in this space, it boils down finding out what works for you. I’m not your boss. I have my preference, but I’m not gonna tell you “you can’t ever listen to my files while playing video games.” Because you absolutely can. I have too. It can be fun. Do what you like.

Abyssal Asks: I really try to be stupid, and have nothing in my head but your hypnotic words. Can you help me, sir?

The best advice I always try to give in situations of dumbing is “Stop trying so hard.”

Let it come naturally. Don’t fixate and focus on whether you are doing dumbing right.

Just do it.

Stop thinking so hard.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Focus on your actions and just allow the programming to do its work.

The unexamined life is the only one worth living.

After 3 months you’ll look back and see all the times when you were 100% living that dumb life. In 6 months, you’ll realized that it’s started to be your dominant mode of being. Not thinking so hard about bullshit. In a year, you won’t even be capable of that introspection.

How to be an Alpha Ch7: Work

(ID: )

Despite what you might be told, it’s fairly rare to see an Alpha in the official role of ‘boss”. Why would you need to overcompensate with hard work and excessive overtime when life and birthright have given you all you need to be naturally superior?

The Alpha still climbs of course; though floats is a better descriptor. Given everything they could ask for because of that sheer magnetic aura of power and charisma that hangs around them at all times. The rules just never seem to apply to them. And why should they? Its not like he needs this job when he has a hoard of needy fags out there just begging to pay for the lifestyle that he knows he deserves.

But for the workplace Alpha it’s about more than money. It’s about the thrill of having a captive playground where one can flex and hone those dominant instincts.

Take Vlad here at the Abyss Athletics Agency. When he comes into work it’s like the air shifts. The worker drones might wonder why they never see him working. No one quite knows what he even does. You can always find him hanging in the company lounge or the gym or around a new hire’s desk. But anyone who’s been at the company long enough knows not to question that, otherwise they’ll get a firsthand workshop on why the C-suite employees call him ‘Sir’.

Of course it helps that his dad is on the board of directors, but truthfully that doesn’t really matter. His power, the effortless domination that oozes out of every pore, is enough to secure him his position for life. It’s why he makes twice what his coworkers do; for half the work.

But a good executive understands that a single office Alpha can increase profits by up to 400%. Clients just seem more inclined to agree to contracts after a night out drinking with him. Maybe it was watching what he did to the little runt who tried to beat him at pool. Maybe it was the way their partner always seems to be positively revving to go after spending an hour around him talking at length about Penetrating new markets that were begging for a Fresh new brand to monopolize their space.

That same combination of Lust, Envy and Fear also work as amazing motivators for your employee’s. Todd from accounting always seemed to focus that extra bit harder after seeing how his boyfriend was staring at Vlad during the company picnic.

And all it takes to get away with it is coming to a little “agreement” with HR about how much maternity leave the company has to give out before the interns are off-limits til next quarter.

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How to be an Alpha Ch.6: School


School is such a strange time for a young Alpha. Surrounded on all sides by hundreds of people who you know for a fact are inferior to you.
You can look at them and see it for yourself. Weak. Small. Stupid. Boring as hell and lacking your natural talent and charisma. Constantly held back from reaching your truest potential by the ignorant masses around you as well as that stifling pressure of the whole institution above you.
Forced to play nice with those who, frankly, have barely earned the respect of being seen as a fellow human. They’re just NPCs. Toys for your pleasure and advancement. 

But an Alpha serves a vital role in the delicate ecosystem that is an academic institution. Like an Apex predator, your job is to shake things up and keep things dynamic, while also exerting control over the system. And honestly, the skills you develop in that role will serve you better than anything you learn in tutorials. It’s preparation for a life of superiority and prowess; manipulating the weak and getting what you desire.

Some take a more aggressive route. A bully. A thug. Frustrated by the mediocrity around them. Putting the weak in their place and never letting them forget it. Might makes right. And the rage and passion you feel at the mere sight of an inferior weakling who would dare get in your way just fuels the brutal treatment they’ll receive.
Insulting weak out of shape cunts. Degrading their confidence and laughing in their face. Forcing them to do your homework, not because you can’t do it, But just as a show of what true power can do. Keeping the herd in line. Instilling the fear of God in them. You’re just as responsible for creating the scared, pliable worker bees that the School system spits out.

Some others prefer a more subtle method. Letting their Superiority ooze from them like golden sunshine. Pure ego and Cockiness that everyone simply respects. Flaunting what you’ve got. Because everyone wants what you’ve got. All of your peers either want you or want to be you. And that lust and envy makes them all so easy to toy with. Do you develop a little bit of a sociopathic god complex through it all? Maybe. But you deserve it. You’re making the world a better place.
Maybe you’ll inspire someone else, that 1 in 1000 stud to finally embrace his Alpha spark like you did. Take hold of his potential and outgrow the system.
For the other 999 you’re preparing them for a life of longing and mediocrity. Helping them overcome their ego by realizing that they’ll never truly measure up.

But alas, having such a duty and being so much better than everyone can be isolating. You could find some bros or Jocks to hang with, some Bulls and Himbos to amuse you. But it’ll never be enough. It’s lonely at the top.

Luckily though, you’ll have more than enough temporary distraction with all those sluts and Cumdumps throwing themselves at you. Supple bodies and needy holes for you to use and then toss aside. Spreading your wild oats so far that just about everyone will have had a taste by the time you walk across the graduation stage and set off on your journey to show off what you’ve learned to the rest of the world.

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How to be an Alpha Ch.5: Tenets

(Edit: I.D.

Every movement or frame of thought has fundamental Tenets. Principles and beliefs and Doctrines held to be true. Of course there are exceptions, but within the mind of all true believers they are a guiding light to understand themselves and their ideals within the light of an Overarching framework.
The same holds true for every archetype and identity in the Abyss. Every corruption comes with its own guiding black hand to show you the way and to give all who embrace it a baseline from which to build.

And so behold the Tenets of the Alpha

1) You are God and your body is your temple.

You are the one above all. The world revolves around you. Be worthy of the worship that a true god is entitled to in all aspects. But above all else, let the first thing that your supplicants see be your physical and genetic superiority. A superiority that transcends race, class or social taboos. Destined for greatness and growth and never fucking stopping. Power and privilege personified and made flesh. They will never be as good as you. And you feel so fucking good developing that fact; mogging everyone in the gym. And sculpting yourself to levels of perfection they can’t even comprehend. Flex that fact and keep lesser beings in their fucking place.

2) Never take “No” for an answer

You are entitled to whatever you desire. You’ve earned it by virtue of being you. How dare any inferior deny you your birthright. Take and grab for yourself leaving nothing behind in your wake.
Even if it takes a while, even if you must persuade and coerce and work your ass off to get it. You will get it. And you will rub that fact in the face of those that stood in your way. Power, Privilege, Perfection. All will be yours. Either now or in due time. You will never be denied.

3) Your superiority must be flaunted

Humility is for the weak who don’t have enough to show. You are an Alpha and everyone around you knows it, so show it. Flash that beautiful smile, Flex that Godlike mass, Flaunt your success and your charisma and your conquests.
Arrogance and Narcissism are only negative traits for the deluded masses who think they are your equals. Show yourself and let your pride intoxicate you.

4) Never back down; your might makes you right

Your word is law. What you say goes. You’re not gonna take shit from those scrawny cunts any longer. Your physical and mental superiority and strength can stand up to any foe. Stare them down. Let them know that you are right. You can say that the sky is green and that fuck should know the answer is “Yes, Sir”. Never let them doubt you. Never let them make you doubt yourself. Never surrender.

5) Your cock makes the rules

That ever-burning, unstoppable libido should hold a special place in your worldview. You’re proud of your cock. Follow it’s teachings. Indulge in the things that make you feel good. If you want to breed some slut, do it. They should be proud to be chosen by you. If you want to cuck some dumbass and steal his girl, then go for it. You’re doing both of them a favor; Showing her what a true god can do.
And if you find your urges veering into more unorthodox directions, then it is simply the way to go. If muscle or success or sadism stirs that Alpha passion, then don’t hold back. Go wild!

6) Your rage is your torch

The world is weak and unworthy of you and that infuriates you to no end. Looking down on inferiors and feeling that flame spark in your chest. The very same world that tried or tries to repress you and hold you back. Let that flame burn bright. Let it consume you. Let it consume everything until weakness is burnt to ash and you stand in a world that is finally ready for you. Every action is propelled by fury. Every smile or glance hides your contempt.
You are an Alpha, and you will remake the world in your image through flame and fury.

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How to be an Alpha Chapter 4: Focus

They don’t need to be the biggest 24 inch biceps, or possess that genetically perfect split peak, but like all things about an Alpha, their arms above all else must draw the eye and command respect.
There is an inherent reverence we all have for a Man’s arms, the true tools of his mastery. They are what an Alpha uses to give as well as take, to reward and to punish, to push and pull, accept and deny; to mold his destiny towards success and conquest and the destinies of those around him towards service and submission. Therefore, strength is needed; that iron grip and determination to hold on to what they want and not let go till they have either gotten it or it has been destroyed.

When one meets a true alpha you can sense that strength in his arms.

Arms that have been used or inevitably will be used to push a fag to their knees and make them gag on his Cock.

Arms that with a mere flex could easily have every inferior and needy slut in the room drooling over that thin webbing of veins and that tightly corded superior musculature.

Arms that lust and long to crush, to slap, to dig fingers into supple flesh and to elicit cries of mingled fear and longing.

Arms that use everything they wield like a weapon to advance that Alpha’s Conquest – that are a weapon to advance that alpha’s conquest. Truly no more potent right to bear arms exists for an 
alpha male.

Who needs the hands of God when you’ve got the arms of an Alpha to submit to?
Any inferior should be grateful to even be in the presence of an Alpha; let alone be touched by, Manhandled with, forced to worship and lust after those bulging arms, perfectly sculpted flesh forged hard as steel

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How to be a Jock Ch.7: Work


You don’t need a work-life balance when your work is your life. The Jock derives joy from performance. From success and objective measures of victory and hard fucking work.

For a jock their paycheck and the numbers they pull in for their job are as much a thrilling rush as their days crushing skulls on the court. The line just gets higher. That’s all they care about. Coming in an hour early and leaving only when they’ve given 110%. A real company man through and through. Winning promotion after promotion, award beyond measure.

They’ll smile for their “Best quarterly earner” photo, but inside it’s a different story. An almost psychotic drive. Fiery passion and bloodlust mixed with frigid calm and efficiency. Willing to do anything, step on anyone’s back to get to the top of the ladder and then kick it down after them. Because unlike most of the other worker drones, they aren’t working for someone else; not really. They might have a boss but they are basically interchangeable. Just a place filler while the Jock climbs their way to the top. Maybe a source of hatred and vitriol, or perhaps being a cause for inspiration and aspiration. But ultimately just another enemy. Another obstacle to be broken in half and left on the field.

Take Karan for example. A young up-and-comer in the Avis Athletics Agency. Scouted from university specifically after the recruiting agent saw him take down a guy twice his weight on the wrestling mat in a minute flat. Dude never broke a sweat, every second with that soft but piercing glare of absolute victory. Like his opponent was just an object to be manipulated for his own pleasure and purpose. He didn’t let go of that Death grip until the Ref shook off his astonishment and counted the poor jobber out. A perfect fit for an internship at our illustrious corporation. 

He’s such a good team player too. Practically integrated with all of the other interns and made them into a single unit. A well-oiled regiment that followed orders and executed them with deadly efficiency. Best Copy-and-coffee squad the office has ever had. But of course, Karan was never satisfied. He plays his work like a game. Just another sport to break records with. Get the high score at one level, move on to the next, collect all of the rewards, leave destruction in your wake.

The CEO saw him wait around until his team member clocked out, only to kick his fucking teeth in in the parking lot for holding him back on his reports. It was decided that his talents would be better served at a higher level. One where that drive and deadly commitment to efficiency could make some real profit. That and the HR policies covered actual employees better than interns. So he got the job, no question. Along with a well negotiated 6 figure starting salary with stock options later down the line. Plus access to the 24 hour boxing gym on site so we could make sure we keep those interns for a little bit longer.

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How to be a Jock Ch. 6: School


Let’s be real, the dumb jock stereotype is dead and gone.

Modern jocks, the ones that succeed at least; are ruthless, well trained predators. School is just another game and they’re playing to win. You don’t get a full-ride sports scholarship by being a dumbass. You gotta keep your grades up. Up above everyone else’s too. 4.0 GPA or nothing. Jock’s won’t just pass. They’ll take every course and dissect it with the precision of a killer. Figuring out the material and the professors just like they’ve figured out the secrets of their sport.

Where most of the Jock’s peers are out getting drunk and stoned every night, he’s still at the gym. On the pitch. In the library. Why? Because its all a means to an end to get what he truly craves. The substance that drives him forward. 


He gets high off being a winner. Team captain, MVP, Class rep, Valedictorian. He wants it all. The full college experience. Failure won’t be tolerated. No one else will take his titles from him. Everything is prepared or planned for. Everything in its perfect place. The rigidity of the classroom gives him the structure to climb to the very top of the food chain, eventually surpassing the coach as the true power of the team. Loving the attention as every victory against the opposing side wins him the adoration of the entire campus.

It’s not all work and no play, however. Those victorious after parties easily make up for the weeks of self-denial. And the team captain has the pick of the lot. Free drinks. Endless adoration from skill-less hacks who might as well be your post-workout meal. And of course any of the dozens of needy cheerleader bimbo sluts who throw themselves at the big man who just scored the winning goal. Maybe one of them will tip him off to a new opportunity or path towards success while her legs are wrapped around his waist and he rounds home base. 

But sex is just a participation trophy. The entire team will have one of those by the time the night is done. And while they’re busy puking their guts up in the morning, or downing pills to deal with last night’s mistakes; The Jock is up bright and early. Already up at the front of the lecture hall, hand raised and giving the right answer every fucking time.

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