The moment you lock eyes with another bro you can instantly sense it, like something clicks in the back of your mind. Kinship and Brotherhood. Its unclear what really causes that recognition of Bro-hood. But its obviously there, that instinctual pack connection.

Maybe its that dull, stupid haze over their eyes that makes it obvious this bro probably hasn’t had to do hard thinking about anything other than their outfit since high school.

Maybe its that jovial spark that crackles like unrestrained energy, looking for an outlet in parties and sex and fun times with the Bros.

Perhaps its that softer gleam of fraternal love that glows in the eye of every bro, that washes over his buds and silently speaks a sonnet of affection for all his friends in a way that transcends normal camaraderie and becomes actual Brotherhood. The swell of the chest for another who you know you can depend on.

But what causes that recognition doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that Bros can sense each other no matter what. They can feel the energy radiating from them that surpasses any other physical phenomenon and becomes a pure experience.

The frats and brotherhoods of the world are connected through this wonderful experience. An ascendant connection that brings bros together to make themselves better and stronger.

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