Camaraderie, Competition, Community. 3 C’s that bring smiles to the faces of bro’s everywhere. The simple glow of hanging with your Bro after a long day, chilling and relaxing, talking some dumb ass shit because you know with you’re bro’s you’re free to be who you really are inside.

So many bro’s give up typical interpersonal relationships because how could any hoe’s rival your bros? Who needs your lame ass real fam that pushes you to be smart? You’ve got your bro’s and your bro’s make you happy.

Its a feeling that sits in your heart, true love. Not in an erotic sense, no. No homo, Bro….unless want it to be…

But its so much purer, a glow. Maybe it comes from the bro’s freedom to be dumb and happy and free, but its truly a life-changing experience to find your bros and simply vibe with them. Every experience becomes life-affirming, a Heaven sent group of like-minded dudes to help lift you up.

Every thing is better when its done with your bro’s.

Workouts get easier and your gains get bigger, fueled by someone to spot you and that one bro who has the best hook up for the good supplements.

Sports and games are always more intense and more victorious when you’re on that same wavelength.

A cold brewski somehow always tastes better when your bro’s are around.

And, if you’re so inclined, there is no better feeling than being 8 inches inside your bro as he moans your name and begs for more.

Eventually you come to associate the bro’s with that pleasure, with that glow of dumb, happy fun, and the more you indulge in it the better it gets, forming this feedback loop that just gets stronger and stronger and stronger, until the pleasure of your bro’s outshines everything else.

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