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Every movement or frame of thought has fundamental Tenets. Principles and beliefs and Doctrines held to be true. Of course there are exceptions, but within the mind of all true believers they are a guiding light to understand themselves and their ideals within the light of an Overarching framework.
The same holds true for every archetype and identity in the Abyss. Every corruption comes with its own guiding black hand to show you the way and to give all who embrace it a baseline from which to build.

And so behold the Tenets of the Bro.

1) Bros before Hoes, Bro!

Your utmost responsibility is the wellbeing of the squad bro. Your bros are your life. If they need you, then you’ve gotta go help ‘em out. Lift them up and make sure they keep going. They’d do the same for you. Cooperation and brotherhood. You can’t let anything get in the way of that, bro. Romance comes and goes but Bromance is forever. They’ll be with you through thick and thin. 

2) Chill out, Bro!

Relax dude. No need to get worked up about things. You and your bros will always manage to get through. Stress is just so uncool and gets in the way of enjoying yourself. Just turn off that head and follow the group. Nothing’s really that important, and if it is then you’ll manage it by keeping a cool head and peacing out, bro. Just Vibe and drink and enjoy life with your bros!

3) Be a Bro, Bro!

Conform to the group. Match your bros. Become like them and let them become like you. Follow their style, their attitude, their look. All of you just parts in a magnificent fraternal whole.
No need for deviation. No need for complex original thought. It’s so much easier to just go with the flow bro. Let your brothers transform you as you transform them; rubbing off on each other.
The epitome of Bro happiness coming when you see yourself in them.

4) Be Happy, Bro!

Bring light to the world by your presence. Stay light and airy and thoughtless. People need to see you as a bro. Be a bro to all. Let your joy and good spirit infect everyone else. Be the guy everyone knows and loves. The one everyone invites. A dumb smile on your face and a strong helping hand to offer to anyone who needs some Bro time.

5) No Homo, Bro!

It’s not a problem to love your bro’s in all different ways, bro. The bond that you have with your Bros is more than mere friendship. It is fraternity. Brotherhood. Complete and total adoration, protection and investment in your squad. Sometimes it can manifest in beautiful bonding. It’s not gay to touch your bro’s muscles and admire his form. It’s not gay to tell him how much he means to you. It’s not gay to dick him down if he’s feeling horny. It’s just the natural bonds of Brotherhood.

6) Party, Bro!

Drinks, Drugs, Good times. Loving the loud music. Rolling up to the club with your bros, ready to turn everything up a notch. The life of the party. Drip on point and stylish as fuck. No inhibitions, No problems. Just living it up in the moment. Double-teaming a babe with your bro. Or a Bro with your bro. Talking shit and smiling through the night with your crew. Ready to do it all again tomorrow night.

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