Two bro’s standing Side-by-side, back to back, flexing in tandem because their dull minds are so absolutely in sync with one another. It’s all about support. That’s one of the many reasons a Good dumb bro builds those boulder shoulders and a back so wide it blocks the sun, accidentally getting in the way of his other bro’s tanning routine.

It’s all about offering support to his bro, and ultimately he receives the same from his bro, who receives the same from his bro, who receives the same from his bro.
On and on. Its bro shoulders all the way down, supporting the world like Atlas. Now he was a real bro, Bro

Bro’s need those broad shoulders to hold up their bud after a killer night on the town, stumbling over himself. So drunk off his ass that he can’t stand up straight so he leans on his Bro for support, whispering sweet fraternal nothings that he’ll forget in the morning. “I fuggin’ luv u bro. Ur the fuckin’ besst u know dat??” While he secretly gropes and cops a feel of that bulging, shirt-straining muscle.

They need that broad tapered back to boost their bro and protect him. Of course he can protect himself, he’s a bro too. But there’s nothing quite like stepping in for your Bro. Whether its on the field, tackling the opposing team’s quarterback to the ground. Or its in a random parking lot, stepping between your bro and some cunt who’s trying to pick a fight. Interposing yourself between your bro. Acting as his rock, his wall, his shield. And of course being such a wide motherfucker that that tiny fuckwit automatically steps down.
And you get that pang of recognition,
 “Thanks bro. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”, while your bro secretly feels like a damsel in a fairy tale and…kinda likes it?

Bro’s need to be that shoulder to cry on, both figuratively and literally. Working up a sense of zen in the gym so that when their bud’s darkest hours come, they can be a shining light. Recognizing that vulnerability and emotion aren’t a problem. In fact it’s a point of pride to be the one who your bro’s confide in, and knowing you can also do the same as your bro sits on your couch, bawling his eyes out blubbering “Bro, Why would she do this to me? I can’t believe it…At least I’ll always have you..” They never learn for too long, but they always get back to that eternal mantra “Bros before Hoes” in the end.

Bro’s need the firm delts, and awesome traps for support, so that while their Bud is blasting them from the back, they’ve got something to hold on to. Something for their strong hands to wrap around and embrace, picking up the pace and letting your joyous moans mingle in chorus.
“Oh bro!”“Fuck yeah Bro!”“Harder Bro!”“Damn Bro, You’re better than any chick I’ve ever fucked. I can’t believe this is what I’ve been missing!”

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