In the social ecosystem a Jock is the closest thing to an Apex predator. Unparalled, with no equal and no other natural predators.

Even as, in most contexts, hierarchy loosens and breaks down (in many cases for the better) Jocks are still untouchable. Hard, Fast, strong, determined; they make the whole world their hunting ground.

Young jocks hunt for praise and accolades and sexual conquest. Older jocks hunt for success and growth and domination of whatever field they are in be it business or sport. And people just let them. Hell they encourage them.

The nerds and weaklings are no longer vilified, but the jock is still deified. In many cases the Nerds have lost and given in to their urge to become one with their predators and in doing so bring the best of both worlds to be the ultimate Predatory hunter. More and more young jocks being brought up not only with that athletic hunter-eyed zeal, but also with an intellect and a chip on their shoulder that makes them all the more deadly and efficient.

In their initial days as a predatory species the Jocks were dumb and strong and athletic and that’s all it took. But so many of that generation of Jocks fell off because they didn’t have what it took outside of the small, protected bubble of the school football team. This new generation has been honed and refined however, and the species has evolved. Its no longer just about being dumb and strong; its about being a determined, ruthlessly efficient hunter. Victory and success in all you do.

The jocks are at the top of the food chain and that means every and anything is theirs for the taking. Fame and power, high-ranking positions and wealth, sexual conquests and untold glory. All hard won by that Apex Jock’s brilliance.

For Resources to help embody your Jock Journey you can use the files found here(1, 2, 3)