Fuck yes! The thrill of victory is the ultimate aphrodisiac for the Jock predator. Absolute domination over his prey fueling the frenzied state of total euphoria. The rush of endorphins, serotonin and testosterone that flood their brains at every successful goal, every masterful touchdown, every Brutal takedown. Hearing his opponents battered ego’s in their voice as they admit defeat.

That’s what draws so many jocks into the predatory hunt. The Sadistic pleasure that inflicting pain upon an enemy brings. The physical pain, as bodies crash and intertwine into one another simulating a perverse bloody version of intercourse where one must always come out on top, one is always the victor and the loser is defiled, torn into like chum in the water.

The emotional pain as the Loser drags their bodies off the mat with their tail between their legs, while the apex predator gloats and roars with victory.

Absolute victory over another, proving that you are a superior hunter, Showing off to the world that you have the evolutionary advantage, the physical and mental fortitude to succeed. It’s a primal lust that goes back to our most primitive days, a predatory hunger to be at the top of the food chain. Where most of humanity has lost that hunger, the most powerful jocks maintain it and cultivate it on the modern battlefield of Sport, Athletics and the social hierarchy.

When prey see a Jock in training they think of a mere dumb asshole throwing their weight around for no reason. But other jocks and predators know. They can see the hungering stud, going through a ritual of pleasure, pain and domination; closer to pure erotic bliss than any beta loser could ever hope to get. Breaking his body over and over again so that he can further ensure his absolute victory and domination over others.

For Resources to help embody your Jock Journey you can use the files found here(1, 2, 3)