Despite their size and supposed superiority, the Muscle bull’s dull, subdued gaze resembles more a grazing cow than a fierce bucking bull. The endless cocktail of enhancing chemicals and supplements slowly mellowing their mind and the hypnotic tracks keeping them in a state of near constant trance.

It looks as if the Muscle bull has completely given up his mind in some Faustian bargain to sate his Lust for growth, and in a way that’s not too far off from the truth. But it takes a true master to see past the haze and look through the window to a bulls soul.

In that head all he thinks about is Muscle, Muscle, Muscle. How to gain it, How to admire it, How it feels on his heaving frame with every flex and motion of his massive body.

His consciousness given over purely to Muscle and growth.

Everything else seems so boring in comparison. When your one true purpose in life is the pursuit of absolute, bestial size and strength, then carrying on conversations and trying to feign interest seems so banal. So when forced out of his natural habitat the Bull goes into his foggy, hazy, grazing mode.

But just wait, put the Muscle bull back where it belongs in the gym and his eyes go alight, flaring with focus like he is seeing red.

The snorting, pumping, erotic sensation of the pump and his workout is all that is needed to please a Bull and to set his eyes from dullness to determination. Locking in first on the heaviest set of weights he can get his hands on, and then on himself, whatever muscle he is working to the max. Analysing his form, his tempo, getting lost in how the muscle swells and contracts, pulses and pumps.
All the while repeating in his head that mantra “Muscle is all that matters. Muscle is all that matters.”
Begging. Pleading. Screaming internally to grow and to lift heavier.

In those moments it can be equally awesome and terrifying to gaze into the eyes of a bull, because you know that behind them there is an animal; hungry, horny, unchained. And that if anyone gets in that animal’s way, tells him ‘no’ or that he needs to stop, it won’t just be the bull’s personal records being broken.

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