After listening to Coach’s file for 24 hours straight he could do nothing but kneel and feel the perfect bliss of the abyss. His mind totally turned to static. Zoned so far out he couldn’t even focus his eyes and he lost track of how long he had been kneeling there. Was it an hour? Was it a week? It didn’t matter. The only thoughts in his head focused on muscle, and working out and how sexy he was going to be; interspersed of course with the sound of his masters voice whispering in his mind. “Muscle is all that matters.” His body was primed. Perfect for growth, the bulging muscle rippling under his skin ready to fulfil its destiny. His empty, dull brain yearning to fulfil its programming. He could feel it, the subtle way his pecs flexed when he breathed. The twitching fibres in his neck. Even the sculpted masculine jawline he had developed over months of programming. But for now, he just knelt, eyes glazed, head empty, body slowly growing to match what he was inside. The Coach’s ultimate muscle boy.