I’m telling you bro, ever since I started hitting the gym more and embracing my place at the top of the Hierarchy shits been fucking AMAZING for me. God…I can barely even remember a couple months ago when I was like you…Huh? Yeah bro, that’s what I said, like you. A fucking Beta, but that was before something powerful opened my eyes.
Ha! What did I offend you? Good, maybe that’ll get your ass in gear to grab hold of your superiority instead of wasting it like so many other potential Alphas…Bro what did you just say?! Oh my god you sound like such a whiny bitch ‘whaT MAkes yOU THiNk yOu’Re So greaT?’. Sit your weak ass down before I put you in your place. Just look at me. You wish you looked this good. Fuck bro, I don’t blame you for feeling jealous, I’d be jealous of me too. Heck, I spent half an hour today in the bathroom mirror just admiring myself, thinking about how much more I’m gonna grow, and beating my meat to this perfection.
Yeah I know I’m not some big stud yet, but I also know what I’m entitled to. I know that I’m destined to be a fucking God, bro and nothing’s gonna stop me. Everyone around me knows it too. They can sense it just being around me. They can smell it in the air after I finish a work out, all those potent pheromones and testosterone permeating the air. They can see it in my eyes, the dominance and cockiness of a Demigod, knowing that I am just naturally better than them. I mean bro, I live with this fag and he fully recognizes my supremacy. Total submission. Practically bends over and grovels at my feet every time I enter the room. Always staring at my dick when I walk around in the buff. Regularly comes into my room so I can rearrange his insides and screams about how much better I am compared to his partner…Huh bro, now that I say it..isn’t your boyfriend my roommate too? Yeah that makes sense.
I guess you’ve got two options then. You can kneel and accept your place on the hierarchy knowing you’ll never measure up to me, or you can go to the guy who awoke this power inside of me and seize your Alpha destiny. It’s your choice, but just know, there is no turning back.

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