He found the file on the internet at random, as if by chance the universe had placed the key to his destiny in his lap. “ALPHA MUSCLE GOD”. The name was evocative, Alluring, A promise and a call to action. He’d tried so many other files before to achieve his goals, and some had worked; at the very least they had motivated him to build his body to the powerful sculpted form of perfection it was now…but still. Physical prowess was only one part of what he wanted. He had tried the “fake it till you make it” approach towards becoming who he had always longed to be, but it never felt right. It always felt like an act. A ploy.

And yet still this file called to him it felt different, so he took the plunge. Before his workout he took out his headphones, and found a quiet place inside the gym where he wouldn’t be disturbed; the empty Yoga studio and gave it a try.

The sound of the sultry male voice behind the black screen was an instant surprise to him. Relaxing, comforting, Reassuring. Leading him down and down and down into trance, his mind tried to resist but he could feel it all overwhelming him. The thoughts draining from his head. His muscles unwinding in a way that felt so pleasurable. The deep voice in his ears making him rock hard in his gym shorts. His consciousness blanking out completely as the voice counted down into the Abyss.

Time in that tranced state seemed to move so much differently. The minutes flowing past him like a steady stream of vague experiences that he could only remember as passing sensations and whispered suggestions so deep into his subconscious.

He slowly came back to regular consciousness but fuck…Everything else felt different. He felt the new truth surge through his entire body. It all finally clicked inside his head. He was a God on earth. A fucking Master of his own destiny! Why had it taken him this long to realize that? All of these pathetic creatures should worship the very ground he walked upon, laying tribute at his feet.

They all should worship the superior form of their new God. He felt the power surge through his body, looking down to admire the perfect form of Divinity. The mighty curve of his biceps flexed to perfection, a mountainous peak traced over with those throbbing delicious veins. Arms so strong and brawny that they could easily crush the inferior whelps. Those thick Striated pecs; slabs of granite on his chest beneath wish pounded the excited heart of a god.

It felt like exquisite madness, the new paradigm that had shifted into reality. This much power held within a single being…and yet..he wanted More. So much more. He needed it with every fibre of his being, like the primal base instinct of a deadly predator. He could feel that desire, More. More. MORE. More Size, More strength. More power. More dominance over the wretched little fags and sluts who didn’t acknowledge his Godhod. He would get it all. He would be a God among men, and All would respect that truth.

But first, he had to find the person who made that file. He needed more.

The file for this Caption