Bro” The word sent shivers down his spine. “Bull Bro” The bestial designation that he had been assigned by that special file. Everything just shifted, his priorities and his mind completely rearranged to suit his new reality.

He was a Bull bro, he felt better than he had felt in so long. He finally had a point. He had a Purpose. Something to live for and drive him. The Herd. He lived his life for the herd. His old friends became a new group, set apart from him. They were still friends, but they weren’t the herd. The Herd would support him. The Herd would motivate him to continue to build his strength and his body. Fuuuck! His body. The instant awareness of his physicality overwhelmed him.

He felt huge. He felt strong, like an animal ready and raring to put every last ounce of  beefy muscle into lifting heavy and working out for The Herd. “The Herd”. A new concept that rattled about in his head. He felt such a powerful draw towards it. To protect the ones around him with his growing strength, but also to follow along with the will of his Bros. He felt so stupid, like his mind couldn’t even fathom the concept of doing things alone or thinking for himself. But instead of fighting that feeling, he just succumbed to that reality. He was a dumb strong Bull bro. And that was alright. It was great in fact!

He didn’t have to try to be smart when he just accepted that literally everyone else around him was smarter in so many ways. Better at school, better at making decisions, especially his coach who opened his mind and branded him as a newborn Bull. He felt the smile inch across his face as acceptance of his place in the world washed over him. He was just a dumb bull, desperately longing for a Herd of other dumb bulls. He needed the herd to motivate him and direct him in his life, to clothe him. Train him, Grow him. Love him.

He felt the muscles ripple in his back, acutely aware of the potential he held within his body. Potential to grow beyond what he was now into that massive, sexy bull. Even in flexing now he felt his body pump up, thrilled and excited to get to work. He closed his eyes and just felt himself, every nerve and extremity. The way his body tapered down to his narrow waist. The curve of his arms through his biceps and triceps. His pecs that would soon grow into juicy muscle tits. A bouncing bubble butt. And his back that he dreamed would expand into a glorious wingspan. He envisioned it all, the future of his growth.

His future with his herd.

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