Nothing mattered to him as the words of the file slipped into his mind. The trance lulled him down and down and down until his surroundings were nothing more than a distant memory fading into the background in comparison to the hyper-realism and power of his master’s suggestions.

They echoed and stayed with him long after the file had stopped. The only thing he could focus on was how fucking good everything felt. Everything, from the remaining buzz of the Binaural in his ears to the few thoughts rattling around in his mind that he wasn’t even completely sure were his thoughts to begin with.

You are a Muscle Pup”.

Fuck that thought felt so good! Like a jolt of pure arousal shot into his heart. His mind was suddenly assaulted with urges that made his cock twitch and his eyes glaze over with a dumb, blissful fog. He wanted…no- He NEEDED to be the best possible Muscle pup for his master. It came to him like an obsession, this love of his body and this overwhelming desire to bring pleasure to people with it, and to get pleasured in return. He knew he was sexy, his body thick with pumped muscle that would draw the eye and make people stare. He was an object of sexual desire, especially his own as his arousal grew the more he acknowledged his sexual allure. Horny and Muscular, obsessed with pleasure, like a true muscle pup should be.

His cock leaked through his pants as he fixated on one particular aspect of his life. Muscle. Working out. His mind swirled with the combined desire for more Muscle on his sexy Muscle pup body, as well as more pleasure and gratification to sate his appetite. No unrelated thoughts penetrated through this wall of Muscle obsession and arousal. He could envision himself as the perfect Muscle pup, sculpted and toned and beefy as a modern Adonis, not only for himself, but for the rest of the world. The world needed his muscular perfection, so he must grow to bring pleasure to all of the other pups who loved to see his growth.

And still his master’s words echoed in his head “You are a Muscle pup” And without thinking he responded “I am a Muscle pup…” Almost a pre-programmed response to a mental trigger. “You are a Muscle Pup” The voice felt so good, like a low rumble that massaged his brain. “I am a Muscle Pup” It felt more certain this time, like a longing desire that descended into a moan of sexual frustration. He was so preoccupied with his state of growing erotic bliss that he didn’t even notice his body’s movement without his consent; his hand rising up to massage his thick juicy pecs. His fingers on skin and kneading into muscle made him shiver and yearn for more. The final call felt like a bomb of excitement and stimulation went off in his head. “You are a Muscle Pup” “I am a Muscle Pup!” This time he knew it to be true subconsciously and in the depths of his being. He was so focused on actualizing his master’s command that he didn’t even notice the wellspring of pleasure that he derived from the minor act of flexing his biceps, feeling the nerves in the muscle spark and fire with pure arousal almost better than the orgasmic burst that he just experienced in his pants.

But Muscle pup didn’t recognize any of it. Muscle pup was too focused on thoughts of working out, finding pleasure, and obeying his master’s words.

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