He used to hate the word “bro”. It’d always seemed to degrade him, like an insult including him in as one of a number of big dumb idiots. He never felt the warmth and chumminess of being a bro whenever he was called that in the past…but things were different now.

He understood finally that what he was feeling was not distaste at the word or the thought of being a perfect Jock bro; it was simply a sense of unworthiness. An unconscious shame that made him feel unready to take on that title. He realized that, almost without his noticing, he had begun to take the title as his own, and fuck did it feel good.

Another jock at the gym passed him and gave him that nod of respect, intoning almost like a mantra the sacred title “Sup Bro!” and in an unconscious haze he would reply “Sup Bro.” back like a preprogrammed response. It didn’t require thought or consent or even much effort on his part. It was practically muscle memory at this point, imparted by the files and hypnotic induction that he had submitted himself too.

And for such little effort it provided so much instant relief and gratification. Every person who acknowledged him as a “Bro” or a “Dude” or a “Stud” reaffirmed him and made him feel seen, like he was actually progressing, reaching his goals and becoming more and more of a perfect jock. He’d never felt more alive in his entire life as he kept getting bigger and stronger, more of a bro. The heat of people’s lingering eyes on his skin, the feeling of working out and having his muscle pump and strain and flex as he forced them to grow; and best of all when people actually commented on his size. Friends, Family members, Gym buds; their eyes would open wide and they’d always say something along the lines of “Fuck dude, when did you get so big!”.
Best of all was when his mother noticed, the fact that even she was taken aback by how quickly her ‘little boy’ had grown made his head spin and his whole body light up with pleasure and excitement, like the most exquisite high. It filled him with an even more intense drive to grow, to workout, to feel the strain of gym gear against his growing flesh until everyone would affirm him like that. These compounding experiences of growth and validation, of worship from his bros and of acknowledgement from the world made him fully realize and submit to the truth.

He was a Bro, Bro. He had been inducted into that secret order of perfect growing jocks without his knowing and it felt so fucking amazing, like a new life he was ready to begin. The word Bro no longer filled him with distaste and disgust, Bro. It made him feel pride, Bro. Proud of himself for growing beyond the expectations of anyone in his life, and proud to be one of that special fraternity of jocks, Bro.

But even though he was proud of all of this, he had never anticipated it, Bro. He had never expected that submitting to the abyss and breaking his mind would affect his life so much, Bro. He wondered how much further programming would come from the files and just what other secrets might be buried beneath seemingly simple suggestions, Bro.

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