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Do It – Anti-Procrastination Hypnosis

We all have those moments where we want or need to do something, but we just can’t muster up the motivation and the energy to get it started.

The weight of executive dysfunction prevents us from moving forward with our lives.

But occasionally someone comes along and tells us to just get up and do it. And somehow that lights a spark in us.

Now you can simply let me be that voice inside you, telling you to “Do it” when there is something to be done.


“Just listened to the new file “Do It” and had my first 1,000 word writing session in a few weeks

Really nice trance honestly, I love the Rainfall Induction and I love Avis’ self-help stuff and I LOVE when a file is like, 20 minutes because it’s way easier make time for it. (Hence why I also love Abyss Drone ). I honestly think this is a great, peaceful kinda mood-setter I could see myself listening to regularly in the mornings, as a way to set my framework for the day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make my to-do list, listen to this, and get cracking again :3

Do recommend!”@jockoutwest(14/02/22)

Muscle Growth Massage

Slip into a fantastical mindscape that feels more real and and more concrete than the world around you. Dip into fantasy for a short time and indulge in the perfect touch of a muscle growth massage given to you by Avis himself, unlocking your potential and growing you as big and strong and sexy as you could possibly imagine. All of the growth in the world just from a short experience, with a little extra in the downstairs department just to keep things proportional. No stress. No cares. Only Growth.


Out of all the files I listen to it’s definitely a nice change of tone. Able to relax and feels like Avis is right there rubbing me down and helping me end my day. Especially with that pleasure of growth along the way. Adding it to my regimen for growth.” – Growingwolf(Discord) 29/12/21

“Listened to Muscle Growth Massage a couple of times for the past week. This is truly a really relaxing piece and a very visual driven imagery exercise to hone in on the ideal muscular perfection I strive to achieve. It leaves me feeling a bit thicker and bulgier all over, eagerly wanting for more size and mass.” – AbgSado(Discord)29/12/21

Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid

Patreon exclusive

C//W: Do not even THINK about using this file if you are in any way uncomfortable with the concept of Steroids. While this file does not encourage using steroids, the word is used multiple times and the file is designed so as to mimic the effects of many anabolic steroids. This file also contains crass language and suggestions for aggression and “roid rage”
Listener discretion is advised

Right, now that that’s out of the way

Dive into the abyss into one of the most intense Muscle driving files that has ever been produced. My words condensing down into chemical drops to augment the way you think and to even affect your own internal chemistry. Get your shot of the Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid and start manifesting your destiny as a Hyper-masculine roided up Hormonal Beast.

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Alpha Voice

The power of one’s voice is undeniable. Tap into that transformative power and train your voice and your words to work for you. Channel and embody that Masculine character of Vocal power, clarity and authority and ensure that your words are heard and respected. The rumbling depth in your Vocal chords, The steady breath from your gut, The freedom to speak your mind as an alpha; all starts with that simple step into the waters of trance.

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