Below is an archive of all Hypnosis files released before the creation of this site.
It will be updated every 6 months with new files released in that time. All files marked with an asterisk (*) is a Patreon exclusive file. Almost all Patreon exclusives can be purchased individually on my Warpmymind Page


Abyss 2.0
Abyss 3.0(*)
Rainfall 3.0(*)


Muscle Files

Lust for Growth
Muscle Obsession
Workout Motivation
Get that Body
Muscle Pride(*)
Perfect Muscle Bull(*)
Narcissistic Muscle(*)
Muscle Obsession Redux(*)
Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid(*)

Dumbing Files(with some muscle)

Intellect Drain
You are a Bro
It’s so good to be a bro
You are a meathead
Swole Gym Loop(*)
Good Dumb Bro
Ape Mindset(*)

Masculine Archetypes

Alpha Muscle God
Alpha Flame(*)
Alpha Male Success(*)
Monster Unleashed
Toxic Douchebag Alpha(*)
Jock Perfection
Perfect Jock Priorities(*)
Perfect Boxer
Painted Himbo
Bull Bro(*)
You are a Muscle pup
Alpha Voice
Alpha Breeder(*)

Submission & Obedience

The Male Hierarchy-Fag
Daddy’s Baby(*)
Perfect Pristine Prep
Abyss Drone
Leash and Collar


Cum Pump
Alpha Lust(*)
You are a Bro 3: Sexual Gratification(*)

Relaxation & Self-Help

Absolute Honesty(*)
You are enough
Bask in the Attention
Anti Anxiety(redux)


God Complex Loop(*)
Himbo Gym Loop(*)
Muscle Bull Gym Loop(*)
Transformation suggestibility Loop(*)
Keep Listening Loop(*)

Last Updated: 27/02/22