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C//W: Do not even THINK about using this file if you are in any way uncomfortable with the concept of Steroids. While this file does not encourage using steroids, the word is used multiple times and the file is designed so as to mimic the effects of many anabolic steroids. This file also contains crass language and suggestions for aggression and “roid rage”
Listener discretion is advised

Right, now that that’s out of the way

Dive into the abyss into one of the most intense Muscle driving files that has ever been produced. My words condensing down into chemical drops to augment the way you think and to even affect your own internal chemistry. Get your shot of the Ultimate Hypnotic Steroid and start manifesting your destiny as a Hyper-masculine roided up Hormonal Beast.


“Listened to the hypnotic steroid file twice today and fuck! Hottest file yet. I feel to fucking pumped and fueled for my next workout tomorrow” – Growingwolf(Discord) 2/12/21

“The focus on the bodily sensations really hit me hard, the growth of my cock and muscles felt so fucking good
I feel like a fucking god who need to grow by any fucking means nessecery
Flexing feels like my muscles wanna orgasm!
During the listens my cock felt like i would impale someone and how badly i needed to breed that power”
– Gymwolf(Discord) 3/12/21

“Been indulging in the ultimate hypnotic steroid for the past week and fucking feeling it like crazy. This is by far the most intense and potent file from Avis, I must say I’m extremely pleased with the unexpected effect. I’m now waking up with muscle being first thought that comes to me, sending me to a sexual frenzy to kickstart the day. My mind now wanders to muscle and growth even more than before with a dull throbbing throughout the body that makes me want to grow even more. I’m so much more aware of my body, I can feel the air brushing my nipples and my skin, and the fabric that graze my body with every slight movement. At the gym, I can feel every squeeze of the target muscle vividly and intensely, giving me the most awesome pump since forever. I seem to notice I can’t sit still for long, I’d want to move or do something physical if I’m idle too long. Work becomes very boring and I long for the next gym session even more than ever. I get irritated when I see people occupying the gym equipment, but not fully utilizing them. And that makes me work out even harder on behalf, not sure why but it just happens. I’m flexing more and more in every reflective surface, and best of all? I find myself getting more comfortable wearing lesser and lesser to the gym. That itself gets me hard all the time, I find myself mindlessly stroking myself more too. Every time I see someone bigger than me, it makes me jealous and it makes me lust for muscle even more. I can’t seem to not talk about muscle anymore. I’m actively looking for ways to get bigger and contemplating to compete in a couple of years. I want to surrender my entire life to muscles, and I’m willing to do anything to get there. Coupled with the perfect muscle bull file, this is getting out of control, and I fucking love it. Can’t wait to work with Avis to spiral down this path to be a perfect horny heaving Asian muscle bulls. No inhibition, no resistance, no will, no limit, no holding back and no turning back.” – AbgSado(Discord)11/12/21