Enter the Abyss

Welcome everyone, I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally taken the step and set up a whole new website to act as the hub for all things me. Everything from captions and writing, to links to all of my public files, plus potentially links to buy some my patreon exclusives directly. Everything old and new will be placed here, in part because Tumblr, and all those other platforms are volatile. I never know when I might be removed or banned. So something of my own acts as a nice little repository for everything I’ve spent this past year creating.
But also I hope to expand and experiment. Share my thoughts more freely, and potentially work on more writing projects with this site.

This truly represents the next evolution of my journey in this space. Something that I started a year ago as a hobby to keep me occupied between school and with the pandemic; that has blossomed beyond anything I could imagine to spawn new friendships, opportunities and connections.
I hope all of you will join me in this endeavor and stay tuned to everything I have planned.

Moving forward with my hypnosis and my writing, I want to refine my already established creations, while also expanding my scope to include new themes, genres and communities.

And if you wish to help support this journey, you can do so by becoming a Patron. You can also help by subscribing on Youtube, and sharing my work on Tumblr and Twitter. And joining me on Discord with the rest of my lovely community (https://discord.gg/h2H3jXN)