Everyone knows morning wood. If you’ve gone through puberty as a man you’ve had it. For some folks it’s annoying. For others it’s a great way to meet the day; greeted by your masculine virility. Blood engorging your cock. Maybe even making it leak first thing in the morning. Pure masculine bliss.

But something threw a wrench into the whole simplicity of the thing. The scientists were baffled. Theories abounded when it was discovered that a subsection of men, maybe around 1-2% of the population were physical anomalies. Along with the amazing, steel rod morning wood; these men also experienced what could be best described as a Morning Pump.

Nothing was visibly wrong with them. Their hearts weren’t strained. Nitric oxide levels in their blood were normal. But they all awoke in the morning to their entire bodies hot and flush and beefy. Muscles engorged like they’d just finished the best workout of their life. The pajamas they went to bed in strained against their biceps. The warmth just pulsating through them. Throbbing. Heavy. Sorta stiff and hard to move. Blood vessels dilated over corded musculature.

For the slimmer among the subsection they woke up to their veins pressed like lead pipes against their skin. Their pulse practically visible.

The first signs of this usually came during puberty, along with the morning wood. The biological markers of it were pretty easy to predict with a simple screening, but there wasn’t really anything to be done about it. Aspirin and blood thinners were attempted at first, but honestly it was such an innocuous fact of life that most people didn’t risk it. It was vaguely uncomfortable the first couple times it happened, but it was just like a morning wood. Give it some time to settle down and it goes away. Go along with your day like nothing happened.

However, the ‘afflicted’ found something pretty alluring. It was spread among online forums and social media before any medical journals even became remotely aware of it. It was found that since this pump didn’t arise from any biomechanical strain, you still possessed the full force of your muscle. And so, many people found the key to something bodybuilders had been praying for forever. 

A Double Pump.

Workout within a short span of waking up with a Morning Pump and it was like the equivalent of a 20 year old taking Viagra to get a hard-on that could pierce steel plates.

The majority of the population with this condition just did a couple push ups every morning. That seemed to do the trick just fine. And it felt nice on top of it. The equivalent of a quick 3 min wank just to get the morning wood to go away. And as a benefit, the whole world got a much nicer view of some guys’ sweater puppies.

But the real sensible ones, the minority at first, knew as soon as they woke up, it was straight to the gym.

It took a whole heap of discipline, but fuck was it worth it. They always emerged massive. Like if they just kept going their bodies would just keep growing. Some dudes bought wardrobes just to accommodate the elevated pump afterward. Stretching and straining Obviously nothing outside of the realm of human possibility..yet. But a relative newbie could go in and come out looking like someone who had been working out for 2 years.

Of course it was fleeting. By about lunch time your muscles would have deflated back to a level roughly equivalent to a normal pumped up muscle fullness. But those couple hours of muscular euphoria were enough to keep a lot of guys going basically every single day. Some among them took to adding on more and more exercises. Anything through the day to keep that blood flowing. Keep that pump around. 

Almost like leaving your morning wood and going through the day getting random boners.

A secret that this little community of “Double pumpers” tried to keep was that this condition made it stupid easy to build muscle as long as you trained right and ate properly. Their protein synthesis cap was basically double that of a normal human. And once they got on roids they looked proper freaky. Something about that level of Pump causing more of the microtears in your muscle and therefore more muscular growth.

It was a very poorly kept secret. Anyone who frequented those same message board was sure to know. And as soon as the first generation of Double Pumper Bodybuilders walked on stage it was out.

It was a little bit ridiculous. You had normal guys pulling Biohacker maneuvers, trying desperately to isolate the genetic component. People moving to areas where they noticed high concentrations of Double Pumpers were found and hoping that maybe it was environmental.

People even clamoured for Double Pumper partners or partners who were related to this special class of human. It was something that would hopefully set their offspring apart like blue eyes or a huge cock. Even subconsciously people gravitated towards these specimens. Double Pumpers were “banned” from competing, but just like roids they found lots of ways around it. And after about 5 years they lifted the restriction and simply put them in their own category. It was surreal to watch them strut out on stage, early in the morning. Sleep still in their eyes, but with a pump that nearly split their skin.

After the first generation it only took about 50 years until a quarter of the male population was waking up with that full body warmth, and heading straight to the gym. The scientists were a bit slow on the mark for this one. Took them a few years to notice the stuff right under their nose. But they were perplexed. There didn’t seem to be one dominant demographic that this trait showed up in. No obvious genetic markers. Though, having a Double pumper dad made almost certain you’d be one too. Scientists predict that it would only take 25 years to get the next quarter. When the new president of the USA came on the tube early in the morning with his suit barely able to button up around juicy, shirt straining pecs to announce an executive order to build a gym in every neighborhood to accommodate this new demographic. That’s when everyone could sense a paradigm shift.

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