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Welcome everyone, I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally taken the step and set up a whole new website to act as the hub for all things me. Everything from captions and writing, to links to all of my public files, plus potentially links to buy some my patreon exclusives directly. Everything old and new will be placed here, in part because Tumblr, and all those other platforms are volatile. I never know when I might be removed or banned. So something of my own acts as a nice little repository for everything I’ve spent this past year creating.
But also I hope to expand and experiment. Share my thoughts more freely, and potentially work on more writing projects with this site.

This truly represents the next evolution of my journey in this space. Something that I started a year ago as a hobby to keep me occupied between school and with the pandemic; that has blossomed beyond anything I could imagine to spawn new friendships, opportunities and connections.
I hope all of you will join me in this endeavor and stay tuned to everything I have planned.

Moving forward with my hypnosis and my writing, I want to refine my already established creations, while also expanding my scope to include new themes, genres and communities.

And if you wish to help support this journey, you can do so by becoming a Patron. You can also help by subscribing on Youtube, and sharing my work on Tumblr and Twitter. And joining me on Discord with the rest of my lovely community (https://discord.gg/h2H3jXN)

Abyssal Asks: In your ‘Dumbing down Dread’ article you mentioned that being dumbed down could be a positive thing and spoke favourably of those who welcome it. Do you feel similarly about permanent pup conditioning – a subject delving into using trance to work towards permanently thinking and behaving more like a dog?

Of course! I wouldn’t make these files if I didn’t see some positivity and use in them. In every archetype and transformative activity there is benefit.

For most people its a matter of picking and choosing what works from an archetype. For the pup that might be love of service, enjoyment in loyalty and ownership. Embracing your own submissive urges and letting them bring you bliss. This is a beautiful and valid way of engaging with conditioning. It can illuminate new drives and desires, and give you ways of living that maybe you hadn’t considered before. It is a supplement to what you are already doing.

For others it is a case of wholly throwing themselves into the archetype, becoming a paragon of these ideals and actions. Going the full journey with Pup hood and master and collar. Leaving behind your old life in a Lacanian Act of total abandonment to desire. Becoming a representative of your loves. Being a Pup. Letting it transform you and give you new total meaning.

There is uncertainty and trepidation to these things of course. But if there weren’t and it was a completely sure process where you knew what was on the other side, then you simply would not want it as deeply. It is in a radical leap of faith that we find total transformation. Just doing the thing, consequences be damned.

Abyssal Asks: Would you say it’s best to live in a Dionysian or Apollonian way?

HA! Look at this fucking NERD wanting me to discuss Nietzschean philosophy. I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.

But in all seriousness. For those who aren’t in the Know, The Apollonian way represents the “lighter” aspects of human rationale in western culture. It’s harmony, Logic, self-improvement, temperance, art and discipline. Upward clearly defined progress of the type that is often lauded by individuals who would see themselves as son’s of the enlightenment.

The Dionysian Way is its contrast. Almost more closely aligned with Jung’s Shadow. It is our madness, our irrationality and idiotic passion. Chaos and revelry and uninhibited pleasure seeking. But it is also Instinct. Animal drive. Ecstacy and prophecy.

The majority of western rationalism that dominates how we operate would suggest that the Apollonian way is the best and only way to live. That we must disavow Dionysus’ drunken whispers in the back of our mind and only follow his clean-cut overachiever brother. This is present in a lot of enlightenment era philosophy. Its a bit of a snobbish way of looking at things and I find it to be the core of a lot of issues i have with Frankfurt Scholars. And if you go and look into these weirdos who could be seen as paragons of Apollonianism they often have massive uncontrolled dark urges that end up getting them in trouble because they try to hide it.

In a rare agreement with Nietzsche, I suggest that both are needed. Both must be embraced. Repressing and ignoring these darker aspects of ourselves essentially locks away half of our potential. Trying to shut emotion and illogic in a closet. And it ultimately always slips out, often in destructive and uncontrollable ways.

It is better in my opinion to let the valve of the Dionysian urge be free to vent at any time. To mingle the light with the dark and explore depths of shadow and Chiaroscuro within our own being. Through this method we can reach even greater heights than simply expecting that preppy, twink Apollo to carry us the whole way. In striving to be better, we must also explore what worse can bring us.

I believe that I’ve done a lot of Dionysian exploration with a lot of my Archetype ideals. The abyss itself is arguably a manifestation of the inchoate potential that can be found in the depths of madness.

But again, every shadow has its light source and each archetype has a more “lightened” manifestation.

Maybe i’ll do a How-to series on that one day.

Abyssal Asks: Is it okay to listen to the files while doing stuff like chores, walking around or working out, or should they only be listened when relaxed and doing nothing?

Truly, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to this issue. I believe that trance as a state of mind should be respected and given its own space and time. You should be able to lie down with no other distractions or responsibilities and give yourself over to the bliss of my words and suggestions. No stress, good headphones, close the blinds. Enjoy yourself. That’s how I typically do it and that is when I get the best experiences from my files. And in my experience the vast majority of people will also get the best experience from this as well.

That said, I know a lot of folks who are very capable of meshing the two. For some it heightens both experiences. I designed the Loops specifically to appeal to that crowd, but I still know tons of Bulls who love to workout with my full files blasting in their ears, making their nuts churn and their souls ring.

I think ultimately, as with almost all things in this space, it boils down finding out what works for you. I’m not your boss. I have my preference, but I’m not gonna tell you “you can’t ever listen to my files while playing video games.” Because you absolutely can. I have too. It can be fun. Do what you like.

Abyssal Asks: I really try to be stupid, and have nothing in my head but your hypnotic words. Can you help me, sir?

The best advice I always try to give in situations of dumbing is “Stop trying so hard.”

Let it come naturally. Don’t fixate and focus on whether you are doing dumbing right.

Just do it.

Stop thinking so hard.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Focus on your actions and just allow the programming to do its work.

The unexamined life is the only one worth living.

After 3 months you’ll look back and see all the times when you were 100% living that dumb life. In 6 months, you’ll realized that it’s started to be your dominant mode of being. Not thinking so hard about bullshit. In a year, you won’t even be capable of that introspection.

The Avis Archetype Guides

(Cross-posted from Patreon.)

Here you all go, this is the little project that I’ve been working on that I’m really happy to share with not just the patrons, but everyone.

 I took the idea I had for Archetype file tracks that I talked about wayy back in my Q4 update last year, and I expanded the idea massively. 

 I know it can be hard to enact real change without any clear guidance, so through these simple guides I hope to give you all actionable things with which to develop your different archetype selves. 

 I really want to hear about people’s experiences using these. I think they have the potential to be really amazing ways of engaging with the abyss and changing your lives. 

 This is going to be a little sweetener at the end of the next 3 months. I’ll release 2 a month starting with Himbo and Bro because school/work might be getting you down and i think all the Himbros need some fun in their lives.

Attached are 6 PDF files that I totally didn’t spend literal days making.
Included in each is :

  • A list of files suitable for the archetype(with links to sources)
  • A Set of Weekly Side-quests to really embody the archetype lifestyle
  • 5 smaller scale daily activities to ensure that your transformation is a constant exercise
  • A group of mantras to repeat and reinforce your truth.
  • A series of Optional Capstones that represent the pinnacle of one aspect or another of the Archetype
  • A style Guide appendix with pretty pictures i believed personified the Archetypes well.

All 6 Archetypes have been represented in this way.
I hope you all enjoy using them as much as i enjoyed making them!

Archetype Guide – Bro

Archetype Guide – Himbo

Archetype Guide – Bull

Archetype Guide – Pup

Archetype Guide – Jock

Archetype Guide – Alpha

Avis Abstraction #7: The Gift of Family

Year 1

The Holidays were always Theresa’s favorite time of year. There was just something magical to the atmosphere of change and renewal that came with the season. With all the hard work and stress done; the end of one year leading into the infinite potential of something new. And of course always having those you loved the most with you to see you into that blank slate. And since her son had finally moved across the country for his first year of school, this Holiday season was particularly meaningful. It’d only been a year, but she still missed him so much. Her pride and joy. Her beautiful baby boy. So smart. So sweet. Now that he was back home she was intent on spoiling him while she could. And for once he actually seemed to be embracing it. He was eating more than she’d ever seen. Endlessly hungry, talking about the details of his High-scale Physics courses between mouthfuls of Rice and Bulgogi. It went over her head a bit but she was happy he was happy. She had a few questions however about the list of Christmas gifts he’d requested.
“So what is this Creatine stuff you kept asking for? And Protein powder? I got it for you but goodness You have no clue what they put in this stuff. I don’t want you taking drugs Clark. None of this Steroid nonsense, Please”
“Momma, come on. I promise it’s all-natural. They’re just supplements. I’ve uh..I’ve started working out a lot at the school Gym. I Promise, it’s all highly researched and 100% safe”

Despite her son’s reassurance she still didn’t trust it. But when she looked at that soft baby face and saw how happy those simple -if a little pricey- gifts made him. It was worth it; Clark was a Good boy. She trusted him.

Year 2

“Lemme get that for you, Momma”
“Gosh when’d you get so big and strong!”

Clark lifted all of the Christmas shopping in one trip. Even took some of the bags from his father which made for a bit of a tense moment. Seems like he was taking this gym thing as seriously as his studies. Maybe a bit too seriously.
She had seen the syringes while cleaning his room. Spotted the acne along his broad back while he was getting out of the shower.
He kept repeating the same explanation “Just having a late growth spurt I guess, Momma. Don’t worry bout it”
But..she was good enough at not seeing things when they made her boy happy. And he was doing so well in school. Full scholarship. Straight A’s. If he was having a good time with his protein powder and Creatine and…whatever else, then she should let him.
He was looking so much bigger. Pretty soon it’d be difficult to buy him clothes that fit properly, though he did seem to prefer a tighter cut now.

He always was a smaller kid; sometimes a little sickly. Bullied and beat up a lot but momma was always there to patch things up. Nowadays he looked like he should be protecting her.
But no matter how much he grew she knew he’d always have that sweet, soft face.
He was a lot more confident. Lot more outspoken. Sometimes to the point of snapping. But he’d always apologize right after. She just chalked it up to having a bit more freedom. Finally growing up. But she’d always be happy to have her baby boy back home.

Year 3

The Holidays were Theresa’s favorite time of year. Change and renewal and all that. But she felt a little overwhelmed by all of the ‘atmosphere’ that seemed to arrive when Clark walked into the house. She loved and supported him. She did. And his father did too, almost overwhelmingly. More than he ever had when he was going through high school.

It was just a lot at once.
He was shaping up, that was for certain. She didn’t know where the muscle was coming from. She was certainly no athlete, apart from a short stint in college gymnastics. And his dad, well…there’s a reason Clark hadn’t broken 5’10 until just this year. Now he was edging about 6 feet. He carried himself with such a swagger. He had always been prodigious and excelled at whatever he put his mind to. And he had absolutely put his mind to this bodybuilding stuff. He didn’t even hide it anymore. The kitchen table was strewn with supplements and ‘meal prep’ and weird shakes and concoctions.

Everything in his room was bought with his old size in mind, so when he came home and requested…or sort of demanded that they get a new bed they didn’t really fight it.
But…there was another reason he wouldn’t be able to fit comfortably in his old Highschool twin. Her name, from what Theresa could gather, was Jenifer. That was fundamentally all she, or seemingly Clark knew about her.

She was pretty. Certainly pretty enough to make Theresa feel that pang of maternal possessiveness over her baby boy. Maybe the reason Clark wasn’t all that interested in getting to know her was because there wasn’t much to know. The blonde bombshell barely seemed interested in anything more than draping herself over his Broad bulging shoulders and being a nuisance in Theresa’s holiday zen.
At first she was very excited. Clarks first Girlfriend! That was until she found out..it wasn’t. It wasn’t his first. Or even his second, third or fourth. Seems he stopped counting.

It was just so much, but she was managing. Until the first night of their stay. Another surprising development she had no idea her son was capable of.
She tried everything to block out the noise. E V E R Y T H I N G. It just kept going and going and going. The rhythm shaking the house and her peace.
And when she thought it was over, it just went some more. By the end of the night if she knew one thing about Jeniffer it was that she was a christian, or at least you’d imagine so given how much she said “Oh God”
But it was fine. It was natural. She loved him so much..until
“So momma, I’m thinking bout switching my degree to something i’m more passionate about. Like Maybe sports science? The bros at the gym say i’ve got amazing potential. I could go pro in a few years”

Fuck. Something in her was a little shattered by that. All those years of tutoring and now it was like she didn’t even know him. She looked at him. His jawline was more cut. His eyes a little harder. But it was still him.
“Oh..well..whatever makes you happy, Sweetheart.”

Year 4

The holidays were Theresa’s least favorite time of the year. 11 months out of 12 she could live in a world of denial where her Clark was still that soft, sweet little nerd she would console every day after school. But now, when he walked through the door with one of his “Bros”, she couldn’t recognize him. That boy was gone.

His father was thrilled. Finally, a son he could brag about. IFBB Pro by 24. Total Stud. Built like a brick house. Of course he conveniently slept through the nights when his Stud Son would make noises with his Bro that even made her a little jealous. She didn’t care about that. That was preferable to a constant stream of airhead bimbos. And at least Daniel seemed polite.
Clark was a different story.

He was so aggressive. So domineering. He snapped. Demanded. Whatever he wanted he got.
But…he was so happy. She had seen the look on his face when he got his acceptance letter to his university. When he got his first Playstation for christmas. When he would talk for hours about particle physics.

None of those moments matched the joy that crossed his face every time he flexed or talked about working out or showed off his strength. He even seemed pleased when he announced he dropped out of school to focus on his body. It was a perverse pleasure. It almost seemed targeted at her.
All she wanted was for her son to be Happy. And now he was.
They all sat at the tree, even Daniel. They opened presents.
Clark ripped his apart, Arms tearing through the cardboard like paper.

“Mom, Protein and Creatine! How’d you know i was running out?”
He got up and hugged her and she could practically feel the effort it took in him not to squeeze too hard. He knew his own strength. She knew too. She felt it in his shoulders and his chest. In every inch of his body.

And when he pulled away he was smiling. Square jaw. Masculine features. But his eyes were still the same. Soft and sweet and smart.
And she felt that same pang of pride in her chest again.
Maybe she could learn to love the holidays again. Because she would always love her son.

The Model for this one is Nyle NaygaCheck him out. And If you want to support the creation of more hypnotic experiences and writing, then you can do so by subscribing to my Patreon, or to my Youtube channel. And if you want to interact more closely with me and my supportive community you can join my Discord serverAnd check out my file archive on my website.

Avis Abstraction #6: Gym buds

You are now friends with Mason Reed. You can now message and call each other and see info like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

                                     Oct 26th 2044

Me: Hey bro Mason: Heyyy dude haha. Nice to finally meet you Me: Same. ngl i was kinda scared about signing up for the abyss. Thought they’d hook me up with someone i couldn’t vibe with.

Mason: lol. Yh i’m chill. Tho you’re lucky. I didn’t even know about that weird chip thing. Shit hurt when they put it in. did you feel like…tingles too?Me: Yh i did. Was kinda like getting an electric shock but good?? Mason: Weird. Guess we’re gym buds now tho. Can’t wait til we can workout. My weeks a little packed but i’ll defo hit you up when i’m headed to The abyss Me: Sweet dude. We can hash out our split and everything another time. Mason: For sure bro.

                                      Oct 29th 2044 Me: Yo dude, are you on your way to the gym? Mason: yeah actually. I just got off work and thought i’d do a really quick chest workout. How’d you know haha? Me: Idk..i just kinda felt it. Maybe that’s one of the chip functions? No clue. I’m already on my way now tho if you wanna train together Mason: Damn dude yeah i’d love that! So strange, as soon as you said that I got super hyped up. Me: Awesome bro. I’m like 5 mins away. You get warmed up and I’ll chug some preworkout.

Oct 30th 2044 Mason: dude what days do you train? I’m thinking bout changing up my work schedule so i can gym more. Last night was the fuckin best workout i’ve ever had in my life! Me: IKR. God i broke so many of my PRs. The pump is insane. Still sore haha Mason: How about we hit it 6 days a week. It was really awesome to just hang and vibe in the gym ya kno. Me: yeah dude i’d be down for that Mason: Sick, i’ll call my manager to see if he can schedule me different. So pumped Me: Nice. So what are we training today bro? Legs Mason: Legs Mason: Yooo basically in sync nice haha. Me: Lol. See you in an hour? Mason: bet

Nov 5th 2044 Me: Yo Mason: I know.. Me: you know what? Mason: I know what you’re feeling bro. I feel it too. But fuuuuck its rest dayyy. I just wanna train with you. This week alone has been one of the best weeks of gym EVER. Idk if its just the chip talking but damn I love training with you. Me: Wanna head to the gym. Just do something light? Maybe get a protein shake after? Mason: Already packing my bags.

——————————————- Dec 8th 2044 Mason: Bro killer workout today. We were fucking monstrous. Mason: I had a chat with the Gym owner and he says we’re progressing faster than the majority of the other Chipped dudes. Me: Yo really? That feels amazing to know fuck…like really amazing. Gotta work harder. Blow away the competition dude 💪💪 Mason: Yeah. Honestly i see it dude. You’re looking fucking massive lately Me: No way brah. You’ve been bulking like a madman these last couple months [Mason Sent a Picture]

Mason: It’s all you bro. Wouldn’t be at this level without your help. Next year’s gonna be crazy.

Jan 6th 2045 Mason: No homo bro, but your pecs are looking so fucking massive. I swear every time i saw you flex em my chip went off like crazy. Just bolting lol. Me: Oh yeah bro 😏? Mason: Yh Mason: Broooo noo stop it shittt i can feel that in my chip. Me: LOL OMG i didn’t know it could do that. That’s so fucking cool Mason: haha..yeah. Just like chill with it ok bro Mason: STOP Me: ok ok lol. These fucking chips are wild bro. Don’t even know how most of the stuff works yet. Me: woah dude wtf are you doin? Mason: I know you’re jelly of my god quads so i was trying to get you back. Guess it worked lol Me:Lol. Fucking love you bro Me: No homo Mason: lil homo? Me: haha Mason: Ya know bro, i’ve got room in my apartment. Maybe we should like room together? It’d make setting up workouts super easy Me: really dude? That’d be great! Lets hash it out some more tomorrow for Pull day. Mason: Totally

March 20th 2045 Me: hey bro.. Mason: Yo dude, wassup? I’m loving spring break in Fiji. Having a great time Me: Thats nice…you gotta get back here bro.. Mason: Wdym? Me: Its torture just like Me: IDK man. I try to keep working out. I try to keep the pump up, but jesus. Going to the gym without you is miserable Me: I feel weaker. Smaller. Fuck i feel like my chip is punishing me every time i enter that building without you. But then when i don’t go it’s like my entire brain is being eaten from the inside Me: It feels so fucking bad. I just wanna kneel and never get up. So hard to keep going Me: Please bro. I know It’s a lot to ask but just hurry home. I miss you. I miss us… Mason: Okay bro. I know what you mean. Hang in there for a few more days. I’ve been missing the pump too and the gyms here don’t really seem to hit as hard as ours anyway. Me: I’ll try. I promise. Going crazy here. Thanks bro Mason: I’ll bring you back something from Fiji. Can’t wait to lift with you again.

——————————————– May 1st 2045 Mason: Hey dude are you busy? Me: ? yeah bro i’m just out in the living room. Wassup? Want me to come to you? Mason: NO. Don’t Mason: I can’t look at you right now Me: Okay??.. Mason: Idk what it is bro..I think its the chip but fuck Mason: The last few gym sessions we’ve had Mason: I see you and the weight you’re lifting and the progress you’ve made Mason: And then i look at my own progress Mason: And I just get…fucking upset? Mason: Because you’re not progressing fast enough dude. It’s making me look bad Me:Bro wtf?! Mason: Look at this [Mason sent a picture]

Mason:I’m fucking massive compared to you. All the other chipped bros look on par with each other, but i’ve got 15 lbs on your ass. Me: Yeah…i guess.. Mason: We’ve gotta work harder bro. I fucking love you. I can’t have you being weaker than me. It makes me sick. Makes me fucking angry Me: Yeah, we’re chipped for life. There’s no going back Me: FUCK Mason: Feel that? Exactly. You’ve gotta get back on my level bro. Otherwise, well… Mason: I can feel the chip bro. Mason: I don’t like what it’s making me feel Mason: But i’ll act on it if it goes on long enough Me: Thanks bro. I needed this. I’ll be better, I promise…For you. Mason: For us..💙 Me: For us…Can I still come to your room dude? Mason: Sure bro. Calmed down a bit…think we might lose the deposit on the place tho..Ignore the holes..


Jul 17th 2045 Me: Bro? Me: Bro??? Me: Mason dude where tf are you i’ve been waiting at the gym for like an hour Me: i’m just gonna start bro. Me: Mason bro wtf’s going on is your chip acting up? Me: Fuck. Fuk bro Me: Stop whatever you’re doing bro thats not funny. Me:Cut it out! Me: Fuck me dude what is this

Jul 18th 2045 Mason: Sorry bro. My bad. Guess i shoulda told you. Me: Tld m wut bro? My chipz ben goin off all fucking nt Me: Fuk can barelt tyoe. Bods liek pulsing. cnt thinkkk Mason: I heard from one of the other chipped dudes down at the gym that there was a guy upstate who’s been jailbreaking the chips. Installing cool new firmware updates. He said he Only needed one of us cause the softwares connected, but i guess you need to go too. Me: WTF bro thts so fucked up! Hw cud u di tht Mason: Tho if i’m being honest. I don’t really need an update. You were the one lagging behind bro. Lets just keep it like this for a bit and see what happens Me: Cnyoujuststopthepingigbro Mason: Haha sorry. I think that’s the roider protocol. Supposed to send a shiver every time your chipbro thinks about getting bigger. Guess i’ve had one thing on my mind all night. My bad Mason: K should be good Me: This is high-key fucked mason. Mason: Wanna go the gym? Me: fuck…yes. Me: I’m getting my gear ready. See you in 20 mins..fucker. Mason: Oh bro btw [Mason sent a picture]

Me: fucking hell bro. Ok 10 mins

The Model for this one is Alex Price. Check him out. And If you want to support the creation of more hypnotic experiences and writing, then you can do so by subscribing to my Patreon, or to my Youtube channel. And if you want to interact more closely with me and my supportive community you can join my Discord server. And check out my file archive on my website.

Avis’ Abstractions #5: Gets the Blood Flowing

Everyone knows morning wood. If you’ve gone through puberty as a man you’ve had it. For some folks it’s annoying. For others it’s a great way to meet the day; greeted by your masculine virility. Blood engorging your cock. Maybe even making it leak first thing in the morning. Pure masculine bliss.

But something threw a wrench into the whole simplicity of the thing. The scientists were baffled. Theories abounded when it was discovered that a subsection of men, maybe around 1-2% of the population were physical anomalies. Along with the amazing, steel rod morning wood; these men also experienced what could be best described as a Morning Pump.

Nothing was visibly wrong with them. Their hearts weren’t strained. Nitric oxide levels in their blood were normal. But they all awoke in the morning to their entire bodies hot and flush and beefy. Muscles engorged like they’d just finished the best workout of their life. The pajamas they went to bed in strained against their biceps. The warmth just pulsating through them. Throbbing. Heavy. Sorta stiff and hard to move. Blood vessels dilated over corded musculature.

For the slimmer among the subsection they woke up to their veins pressed like lead pipes against their skin. Their pulse practically visible.

The first signs of this usually came during puberty, along with the morning wood. The biological markers of it were pretty easy to predict with a simple screening, but there wasn’t really anything to be done about it. Aspirin and blood thinners were attempted at first, but honestly it was such an innocuous fact of life that most people didn’t risk it. It was vaguely uncomfortable the first couple times it happened, but it was just like a morning wood. Give it some time to settle down and it goes away. Go along with your day like nothing happened.

However, the ‘afflicted’ found something pretty alluring. It was spread among online forums and social media before any medical journals even became remotely aware of it. It was found that since this pump didn’t arise from any biomechanical strain, you still possessed the full force of your muscle. And so, many people found the key to something bodybuilders had been praying for forever. 

A Double Pump.

Workout within a short span of waking up with a Morning Pump and it was like the equivalent of a 20 year old taking Viagra to get a hard-on that could pierce steel plates.

The majority of the population with this condition just did a couple push ups every morning. That seemed to do the trick just fine. And it felt nice on top of it. The equivalent of a quick 3 min wank just to get the morning wood to go away. And as a benefit, the whole world got a much nicer view of some guys’ sweater puppies.

But the real sensible ones, the minority at first, knew as soon as they woke up, it was straight to the gym.

It took a whole heap of discipline, but fuck was it worth it. They always emerged massive. Like if they just kept going their bodies would just keep growing. Some dudes bought wardrobes just to accommodate the elevated pump afterward. Stretching and straining Obviously nothing outside of the realm of human possibility..yet. But a relative newbie could go in and come out looking like someone who had been working out for 2 years.

Of course it was fleeting. By about lunch time your muscles would have deflated back to a level roughly equivalent to a normal pumped up muscle fullness. But those couple hours of muscular euphoria were enough to keep a lot of guys going basically every single day. Some among them took to adding on more and more exercises. Anything through the day to keep that blood flowing. Keep that pump around. 

Almost like leaving your morning wood and going through the day getting random boners.

A secret that this little community of “Double pumpers” tried to keep was that this condition made it stupid easy to build muscle as long as you trained right and ate properly. Their protein synthesis cap was basically double that of a normal human. And once they got on roids they looked proper freaky. Something about that level of Pump causing more of the microtears in your muscle and therefore more muscular growth.

It was a very poorly kept secret. Anyone who frequented those same message board was sure to know. And as soon as the first generation of Double Pumper Bodybuilders walked on stage it was out.

It was a little bit ridiculous. You had normal guys pulling Biohacker maneuvers, trying desperately to isolate the genetic component. People moving to areas where they noticed high concentrations of Double Pumpers were found and hoping that maybe it was environmental.

People even clamoured for Double Pumper partners or partners who were related to this special class of human. It was something that would hopefully set their offspring apart like blue eyes or a huge cock. Even subconsciously people gravitated towards these specimens. Double Pumpers were “banned” from competing, but just like roids they found lots of ways around it. And after about 5 years they lifted the restriction and simply put them in their own category. It was surreal to watch them strut out on stage, early in the morning. Sleep still in their eyes, but with a pump that nearly split their skin.

After the first generation it only took about 50 years until a quarter of the male population was waking up with that full body warmth, and heading straight to the gym. The scientists were a bit slow on the mark for this one. Took them a few years to notice the stuff right under their nose. But they were perplexed. There didn’t seem to be one dominant demographic that this trait showed up in. No obvious genetic markers. Though, having a Double pumper dad made almost certain you’d be one too. Scientists predict that it would only take 25 years to get the next quarter. When the new president of the USA came on the tube early in the morning with his suit barely able to button up around juicy, shirt straining pecs to announce an executive order to build a gym in every neighborhood to accommodate this new demographic. That’s when everyone could sense a paradigm shift.

The Model for this one is Jamar Pusch. Check him out. And If you want to support the creation of more hypnotic experiences and writing, then you can do so by subscribing to my Patreon, or to my Youtube channel. And if you want to interact more closely with me and my supportive community you can join my Discord server. And check out my file archive on my website.

Avis Abstractions #4: Gym Ambiance

Apart from peak time when every human on earth seems to pack into your shitty little Planet Fitness, or the times the gym manager decided to blast that boring, trashy background music a little too loud; most gyms are really quiet places.
It’s just the backing ambience of people getting their shit done. No one really chatters or makes too much noise for the most part. It’s part of the unspoken agreement of the place.

You’ve bought into this social contract as well implicitly when you signed up. Not like you really had much of a choice. Being new to the gym meant you didn’t have any bros to shoot shit with. So you just get in, pop on your headphones and pump out your reps. Just going through the motions.
It’s almost Zen. Really calm.
A nagging voice in your head told you that Calm didn’t build 20 inch biceps. Make some noise.
You try it a little but…no. That weight of social convention keeps you from making more than the slightest hiss as you breath out during a heavy set.

As you rack your weight you hear the ping from the door and just thoughtlessly glance over to see who comes in.
Your heart skips a beat and the whole atmosphere changes.
The doors glide open and you see a Pack of about 5 absolute Adonises. The kind of guys you never thought you’d ever see at your piddly little commercial gym.

Shoulders so broad they block the light from outside. Quads so big they sway as they walk. Clothes already straining over skin like they had the worlds best pump. Bodies so hard and sculpted that it seemed ridiculous that any of them needed the equipment in here. They were their own walking temples of Iron and steel.

And at their head was an absolute god of a man. Brutal looking. A prime specimen of something almost surpassing humanity. You wondered if the God of Gainz forged his genes personally. Surely someone like that was a fucking Demi-god of some sort.
Well no matter what he was, he carried himself and the others responded to him as the clear AMOG. Alpha male of the Group.

This pack of dudes walks into the gym and everything stops. Their mere existence demands attention. You notice some people finish up their sets right quickly and make to the exit, scattering like animals before an earthquake.
Others just sit and stare. Ogling and drooling like thralls transfixed. You even swore you heard one of the gym bunny chicks at the back doing stretches moan a little when she saw them. Her friends didn’t titter like they might have done normally. They understood the urge. Instead the lot of them just bashfully left the gym. Two of the studs gave them a wink and blew a kiss as they passed.

AMOG wasted no time surveying his kingdom. His eyes locked in on a free bench. Your heart dropped a little. It was really close to you…whatever you’d just try to keep focused. Mind your business. Turn up your music a bit.
That group tho, it was so surreal. AMOG walked silently to the bench. No words. Nothing. But his entourage did all the speaking for him. A veritable greek chorus of all the things you’d need to hear as an alpha about to crush a workout. Each bringing something different. An echo chamber of Brotherhood. Maybe that was the key to building a body like his.
They were fucking wild animals, shrieking and hollering. You heard them loud and clear even through your headphones

“Fuck yeah bro!” 
“Get it bro!”
“Fucking come on, man! What are you, a pussy?”
“Last time you went for the 60s. I know you can do better.”

AMOG goes straight for the heaviest set of Dumbbells. Gripping them makes his forearms swell.
He gets into position for a dumbbell bench press. Perfect form. Even under the pump cover he’s wearing you can see the way his pecs bulge and swell. His crew stands and watches, surrounding him. Ready to support. Eager to congratulate.
He starts cranking out reps. With every rep you can hear the way his breathing just cuts through the noise again. Loud. Clear. Hissing like a steam engine or some kind of ancient reptilian beast.  On purpose too. Just pure douchey ego that doesn’t even try to keep quiet.
He goes through his sets.
In between his bros go about their own workouts. But when he is pumping iron, they drop everything and make him the center of attention. 

He seldom speaks. Just the occasionally “yeah” or “Nah bro” while the rest clamour around him. Barely connecting to each other. 

He’s like a King holding court.
Very very loud court.

“Man, I keep telling you Gymshark is done for. YoungLA is where it’s at. They’ve got such dope colours. You’d look so good in them bro!”
“You remember that slut Stacy, brah? Took her home last night. Her dad’s pretty cute too. Might have to pay another visit.”
“God I fucking hate this place. It’s so basic. Why do we keep coming to this Planet-Fitness bs. We should be going to the elite gyms where we can better ourselves!”
“The pump is so good dude, fuuuuck. Feel em. Feel me!”

In the last few reps the breathing turns to grunting. It sounds like some kind of beast. Deep. Primal. Vaguely erotic.. And it seems to push him further. Give him strength.

His entourage gets louder now, pushing him. practically begging him to go harder.

“Fuck yes you can do it”
“PUSH IT, go! Harder Pussy!”
“You’re a fucking god dude!”

The grunts turn into an almost aroused yell. Just going super saiyan. Roaring like a beast. Veins bulging in his neck. Letting his power out as he destroys his muscles.

The weights drop to the ground so that even on the padded floor they echo through the whole gym.

Every exercise is like this. His entourage follows suit, although none of them seem to possess the power, the focus, the crazed drive of their AMOG.
They keep up the constant stream of praise to their leader, like a flock of birds grooming and serenading a swimming crocodile.
With every loop around the gym their noise seems to drive people off until it’s just you and them. You’ve just been turning your music up louder and louder and trying to focus but each time they manage to top it.

With every new loop too it’s like they’re getting more and more vicious. More primal. All of them taken over by some kind of fugue state. A ritual led by their God the AMOG. All of the grunts turning into moans. All of the exclamations turning into more and more elicit cries

“Mmmfuck, let me carry your babies, dude!”
“Bro you could have me or my bitches any day.”
“Lead us to victory, my god!”
“Muscle master race. Fuck my cock’s leaking..”

They roll up to a machine next to you and it’s almost scary. Heat emanating from their bodies in waves. Muscles twitching beneath sweat shimmering skin. Veins throbbing and full to bursting. Hate and rage in their eyes. Possessed and transformed by proximity to this living legend of a man.

AMOG sets up and his lackeys load it to the highest level. He looks at them with contempt and spits his first actual words of the evening.
“More. Get some plates and load it on.”
They scramble to obey. 10, 20, 30, 40kg. Piling on more weight than the machine was ever designed for.

He sets up for the exercise and even you stop and watch.

He begins to strain and it looks like the weight might be too much for him.

He tugs and pulls. His face going red. Veins bulging from his neck. Roaring. Gnashing. Cursing.
The chorus starts up from the others.

“Go Go GO!”
“Do it. Fuck He’s gonna do it!”
“Come on. No pain. No gain. Don’t be a fucking Loser!”

You see his gym shorts start to stain and leak with thick, viscous pre and then juicy globs of cum that just pulses like a stream hitting the fabric of his pants.
The weights move and he screams “FUCKKK!” And gets in a single, perfect, muscle fiber destroying rep before letting the plates clatter back to the starting position.

“LETS GOOOOOO” he shouts and all his buds shout it with them as they go into a frenzy.

The atmosphere is almost intoxicating and you feel the urge to scream with them. To join them. A yearning, longing wistfulness. But you restrain yourself…barely.

AMOG doesn’t tho. He doesn’t restrain a thing. He turns and punches a hole in the sheer wall leaving a dent in it.  And then for extra measure, topples the machine, throwing it to the floor.

He rips off his pump cover and basks in the glow of his own magnificence. Sweat dripping in rivers down every contour of his body.

The rest of his entourage kneels and you see in their eyes mingled lust, envy, submission. They have all finally gone silent. No more words are necessary.

AMOG’s Heaving shoulders and heavy breath subside and he lets out a simple contented sigh.
He turns to you and smirks. “Shit bro, sorry. Didn’t notice you there. You’re so quiet.”

He reaches into his gym bag and throws a wad of cash to the ground in front of the broken machine
“That should be enough for Avis to cover repairs.”

He turns and walks to the door. His gang follows like a procession of acolytes.
Before he exits he turns and shouts to you in the back of the gym, pointing to the mess of jizz and sweat he’s left behind.
“Yo, do me a favor derack my weights and clean up that stuff for me when you’re finished. Avis doesn’t mind a broken machine, but he keeps his shit clean in The Abyss.”

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Avis’ Abstractions #3: Tiger Stripes

You’ve finally gotten your gym goals in order. 6 days a week without fail, perfect split and set lists that really optimize your growth. No less than an hour and often many more than that.
It’s a dream come true and you go at it 200%. Even got the hardest part of it down with your diet. Eating enough protein for an apex predator to feed the needs of your muscle.
You’re blowing up like crazy, even further in excess of the newbie gainz you were told to expect.
You are absolutely in love with it. Total beastmode. A new phase of your life uncovered with no going back.

One day you find yourself gazing in the mirror. Since beginning this journey you’ve found yourself doing it more often. Lingering. Your eyes always eager to notice something new. You’d be lying if you said your dick didn’t notice too. The first time you blew your load at your own reflection you felt a little guilty and weird. That was 3 months ago. Those feelings are gone now, replaced with more than a few stains on your mirror.
There was no shame in it. You loved how your body was shaping up. The way your jaw was sharper and more defined now. The juicy pecs that gave your hands something to grab on to. The clean cut Adonis belt. Fuck! It was good to grow.
But that wasn’t really what made you stop today.

It was small but it instantly caught your attention. A slightly discoloured gash of skin over your delts. A stretch mark.
You were stunned. You’d always been a kind of scrawny guy. Never had much first hand experience with them apart from maybe a few down your side or up your back that came with a prepubescent growth spurt.
You’d always sort of hated the way they looked, but these ones had a different texture to them. A different energy altogether.
You prod at it with your finger. It’s different to the rest of your skin. Slightly tender.
You don’t know why it makes you so happy at first to see it. But then it hits you.
This is a sign that you’re growing so fast and so efficiently, that the rest of your body can’t quite keep up.
Another stain added to the mirror.

The symbolic significance kind of went to your head a little.
You sought them out every time. Every month you’d find a new one. A new streak along your skin. Tiger stripes or lightning scars. Over your delts, down your upper chest, Up your obliques and the flaring surface of your lats. A fair few over your glutes and thighs.

Most people would have been upset and tried to find a way to remedy them with creams and lotions and all kinds of stuff.
You didn’t though, You loved them. They were points of pride. Each one was a trophy to commemorate more and more pounds of mass shuffled beneath your skin. Your body trying its best to accommodate a passion that clearly spilled beyond the bounds of normal human excitement.

Most people would try to hide them with long sleeves or pump covers. You never do. You display them happily. Draw attention to them and the bulging, throbbing muscle that seems to just grow exponentially.
Those stretch marks seem to feed into your drive, ramping your…lets call it what it is; addiction higher and higher.

Soon you find that a lot of other things in your life start to stretch because of your newfound passion. But not all of them kept up as well as your skin.

After a year of counting stretch marks you had to say goodbye to your old wardrobe. You were loving the tight, painted on look for a while. But 7 torn pants and sleeves that were starting to stretch and deform was a good sign to at least go up a size.
It was pricey. Especially since you knew in your heart of hearts that you’d have to do it again in a year or two at the rate you were growing.
It was worth it. And at the very least you felt a bit sad that you had to part with some of those clothes that had sentimental value.
The same couldn’t be said for other things.

A lot of your relationships strained too. You had way too many people in your life who just didn’t get you. They couldn’t stretch to accommodate a new version of yourself. They wanted you to remain the you they had always known.
How fucking selfish.
They told you to stop or slow down. Got upset when you chose the gym over them and their bullshit issues. Got offended when you just suggested that they needed to lose a couple pounds.
They said your passion was a problem. And they pointed to your stretch marks as a sign of that.
You instead saw it for what it really was, a sign that you’d simply outgrown the people in your life.
It was surprisingly easy to cut them out. You were too big to waste your time with small people..

Once they were gone it was like a strap had been loosened around your mind. You’d always known people like that held you back, but it was only after you removed them from your life that you saw the full extent of that truth

Your mindset and worldview started exploding along with you.  It had stretched and grown to accommodate a lot over the years. Endless meal plans, setlists, maybe a cycle or two or a dozen.
But just like your skin, there’s a point where that consciousness stretches and breaks a little.

And you find yourself redefined and remolded, almost without noticing. Social Isolation, echo chamber effects, exposure every day to more and more extremes of your addiction. How could these things be “problems” when they worked so fucking good.
Who cares.

Long ago you were without blemish, your soul was lilywhite and unstained. Now you were marked.
But you loved imperfection. The addiction and lust and raging anti-social behaviour. That felt better than being the flawless little cunt the world wanted from you.
And just like the stretch marks you got off on those blemishes regularly. Flaunted them for the world to see.
They were points of pride. Trophies to the achievement of completely outgrowing the old you.

The Model featured is Andrzej TomalskiCheck them out. And If you want to support the creation of more hypnotic experiences and writing, then you can do so by subscribing to my Patreon, or to my Youtube channel. And if you want to interact more closely with me and my supportive community you can join my Discord serverAnd check out my file archive on my website.