Truly, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to this issue. I believe that trance as a state of mind should be respected and given its own space and time. You should be able to lie down with no other distractions or responsibilities and give yourself over to the bliss of my words and suggestions. No stress, good headphones, close the blinds. Enjoy yourself. That’s how I typically do it and that is when I get the best experiences from my files. And in my experience the vast majority of people will also get the best experience from this as well.

That said, I know a lot of folks who are very capable of meshing the two. For some it heightens both experiences. I designed the Loops specifically to appeal to that crowd, but I still know tons of Bulls who love to workout with my full files blasting in their ears, making their nuts churn and their souls ring.

I think ultimately, as with almost all things in this space, it boils down finding out what works for you. I’m not your boss. I have my preference, but I’m not gonna tell you “you can’t ever listen to my files while playing video games.” Because you absolutely can. I have too. It can be fun. Do what you like.