Year 1

The Holidays were always Theresa’s favorite time of year. There was just something magical to the atmosphere of change and renewal that came with the season. With all the hard work and stress done; the end of one year leading into the infinite potential of something new. And of course always having those you loved the most with you to see you into that blank slate. And since her son had finally moved across the country for his first year of school, this Holiday season was particularly meaningful. It’d only been a year, but she still missed him so much. Her pride and joy. Her beautiful baby boy. So smart. So sweet. Now that he was back home she was intent on spoiling him while she could. And for once he actually seemed to be embracing it. He was eating more than she’d ever seen. Endlessly hungry, talking about the details of his High-scale Physics courses between mouthfuls of Rice and Bulgogi. It went over her head a bit but she was happy he was happy. She had a few questions however about the list of Christmas gifts he’d requested.
“So what is this Creatine stuff you kept asking for? And Protein powder? I got it for you but goodness You have no clue what they put in this stuff. I don’t want you taking drugs Clark. None of this Steroid nonsense, Please”
“Momma, come on. I promise it’s all-natural. They’re just supplements. I’ve uh..I’ve started working out a lot at the school Gym. I Promise, it’s all highly researched and 100% safe”

Despite her son’s reassurance she still didn’t trust it. But when she looked at that soft baby face and saw how happy those simple -if a little pricey- gifts made him. It was worth it; Clark was a Good boy. She trusted him.

Year 2

“Lemme get that for you, Momma”
“Gosh when’d you get so big and strong!”

Clark lifted all of the Christmas shopping in one trip. Even took some of the bags from his father which made for a bit of a tense moment. Seems like he was taking this gym thing as seriously as his studies. Maybe a bit too seriously.
She had seen the syringes while cleaning his room. Spotted the acne along his broad back while he was getting out of the shower.
He kept repeating the same explanation “Just having a late growth spurt I guess, Momma. Don’t worry bout it”
But..she was good enough at not seeing things when they made her boy happy. And he was doing so well in school. Full scholarship. Straight A’s. If he was having a good time with his protein powder and Creatine and…whatever else, then she should let him.
He was looking so much bigger. Pretty soon it’d be difficult to buy him clothes that fit properly, though he did seem to prefer a tighter cut now.

He always was a smaller kid; sometimes a little sickly. Bullied and beat up a lot but momma was always there to patch things up. Nowadays he looked like he should be protecting her.
But no matter how much he grew she knew he’d always have that sweet, soft face.
He was a lot more confident. Lot more outspoken. Sometimes to the point of snapping. But he’d always apologize right after. She just chalked it up to having a bit more freedom. Finally growing up. But she’d always be happy to have her baby boy back home.

Year 3

The Holidays were Theresa’s favorite time of year. Change and renewal and all that. But she felt a little overwhelmed by all of the ‘atmosphere’ that seemed to arrive when Clark walked into the house. She loved and supported him. She did. And his father did too, almost overwhelmingly. More than he ever had when he was going through high school.

It was just a lot at once.
He was shaping up, that was for certain. She didn’t know where the muscle was coming from. She was certainly no athlete, apart from a short stint in college gymnastics. And his dad, well…there’s a reason Clark hadn’t broken 5’10 until just this year. Now he was edging about 6 feet. He carried himself with such a swagger. He had always been prodigious and excelled at whatever he put his mind to. And he had absolutely put his mind to this bodybuilding stuff. He didn’t even hide it anymore. The kitchen table was strewn with supplements and ‘meal prep’ and weird shakes and concoctions.

Everything in his room was bought with his old size in mind, so when he came home and requested…or sort of demanded that they get a new bed they didn’t really fight it.
But…there was another reason he wouldn’t be able to fit comfortably in his old Highschool twin. Her name, from what Theresa could gather, was Jenifer. That was fundamentally all she, or seemingly Clark knew about her.

She was pretty. Certainly pretty enough to make Theresa feel that pang of maternal possessiveness over her baby boy. Maybe the reason Clark wasn’t all that interested in getting to know her was because there wasn’t much to know. The blonde bombshell barely seemed interested in anything more than draping herself over his Broad bulging shoulders and being a nuisance in Theresa’s holiday zen.
At first she was very excited. Clarks first Girlfriend! That was until she found wasn’t. It wasn’t his first. Or even his second, third or fourth. Seems he stopped counting.

It was just so much, but she was managing. Until the first night of their stay. Another surprising development she had no idea her son was capable of.
She tried everything to block out the noise. E V E R Y T H I N G. It just kept going and going and going. The rhythm shaking the house and her peace.
And when she thought it was over, it just went some more. By the end of the night if she knew one thing about Jeniffer it was that she was a christian, or at least you’d imagine so given how much she said “Oh God”
But it was fine. It was natural. She loved him so much..until
“So momma, I’m thinking bout switching my degree to something i’m more passionate about. Like Maybe sports science? The bros at the gym say i’ve got amazing potential. I could go pro in a few years”

Fuck. Something in her was a little shattered by that. All those years of tutoring and now it was like she didn’t even know him. She looked at him. His jawline was more cut. His eyes a little harder. But it was still him.
“Oh..well..whatever makes you happy, Sweetheart.”

Year 4

The holidays were Theresa’s least favorite time of the year. 11 months out of 12 she could live in a world of denial where her Clark was still that soft, sweet little nerd she would console every day after school. But now, when he walked through the door with one of his “Bros”, she couldn’t recognize him. That boy was gone.

His father was thrilled. Finally, a son he could brag about. IFBB Pro by 24. Total Stud. Built like a brick house. Of course he conveniently slept through the nights when his Stud Son would make noises with his Bro that even made her a little jealous. She didn’t care about that. That was preferable to a constant stream of airhead bimbos. And at least Daniel seemed polite.
Clark was a different story.

He was so aggressive. So domineering. He snapped. Demanded. Whatever he wanted he got.
But…he was so happy. She had seen the look on his face when he got his acceptance letter to his university. When he got his first Playstation for christmas. When he would talk for hours about particle physics.

None of those moments matched the joy that crossed his face every time he flexed or talked about working out or showed off his strength. He even seemed pleased when he announced he dropped out of school to focus on his body. It was a perverse pleasure. It almost seemed targeted at her.
All she wanted was for her son to be Happy. And now he was.
They all sat at the tree, even Daniel. They opened presents.
Clark ripped his apart, Arms tearing through the cardboard like paper.

“Mom, Protein and Creatine! How’d you know i was running out?”
He got up and hugged her and she could practically feel the effort it took in him not to squeeze too hard. He knew his own strength. She knew too. She felt it in his shoulders and his chest. In every inch of his body.

And when he pulled away he was smiling. Square jaw. Masculine features. But his eyes were still the same. Soft and sweet and smart.
And she felt that same pang of pride in her chest again.
Maybe she could learn to love the holidays again. Because she would always love her son.

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