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Here you all go, this is the little project that I’ve been working on that I’m really happy to share with not just the patrons, but everyone.

 I took the idea I had for Archetype file tracks that I talked about wayy back in my Q4 update last year, and I expanded the idea massively. 

 I know it can be hard to enact real change without any clear guidance, so through these simple guides I hope to give you all actionable things with which to develop your different archetype selves. 

 I really want to hear about people’s experiences using these. I think they have the potential to be really amazing ways of engaging with the abyss and changing your lives. 

┬áThis is going to be a little sweetener at the end of the next 3 months. I’ll release 2 a month starting with Himbo and Bro because school/work might be getting you down and i think all the Himbros need some fun in their lives.

Attached are 6 PDF files that I totally didn’t spend literal days making.
Included in each is :

  • A list of files suitable for the archetype(with links to sources)
  • A Set of Weekly Side-quests to really embody the archetype lifestyle
  • 5 smaller scale daily activities to ensure that your transformation is a constant exercise
  • A group of mantras to repeat and reinforce your truth.
  • A series of Optional Capstones that represent the pinnacle of one aspect or another of the Archetype
  • A style Guide appendix with pretty pictures i believed personified the Archetypes well.

All 6 Archetypes have been represented in this way.
I hope you all enjoy using them as much as i enjoyed making them!

Archetype Guide – Bro

Archetype Guide – Himbo

Archetype Guide – Bull

Archetype Guide – Pup

Archetype Guide – Jock

Archetype Guide – Alpha