This is the beginning of a new series I’m starting on this blog, and maybe others.
It’s a series of stories that spawn out of my fantasies and daydreams. I believe fantasy is very important for the establishment of real change in the world. So i’ve taken my idle mental wanderings and polished them up to share with you all.
They may seem disjointed or confusing. They may seem awful to some. But dreams often are. These may be a bit longer than you’re typically used to, but i think they are worth a read.
I hope you enjoy.

Avis’ Abstractions #1: Alpha-tizement

We open in a world of the future, where hegemonic masculinity has grown and become institutionalized. Muscle, Dominance, Virility. Power. It’s privileged. It’s the standard now, and like all standards it must be regulated, taxed, and authorized.

Every year hundreds of newly indoctrinated Alpha males must undergo their examination for certification. It’s exactly what you think it would be and more. All ramped up to 100. Those who pass are given access to a life of domination and hedonism that the masses could never even fathom. The highest in the region or state basically become living demigods based on the rights and privileges afforded to them by the system. They become sacrosanct in a clearly defined hierarchy. You can tell an Alpha, not just by his looks, but by the papers he carries.

But, even in a world where Alpha masculinity runs rampant as the dominant paradigm; corporations still hold so much power. More So than even our world, as the ruthlessness of their CEOs was now free to manifest itself in a testosterone fueled exploitation-fest. Business was a battle and these men, many of whom had passed through the certification system with flying colors, fought to the death. Didn’t matter who was crushed under their heel. Always wanting more.

The whole process started out as an advertising ploy. The Alpha Certification Exams were of course broadcast. It served as a propagandistic exercise, showing the masses in visceral displays of power why the hierarchy is the way it is. But it also functioned to placate them. Nothing does a nation good like watching virile young gods do what they do best. Fuck. Fight. Flourish and succeed. Everyone tuned in. The world couldn’t get enough of the young studs who made it through training to reach this peak. So naturally the corpos and networks caught on pretty quickly just how lucrative they could be.

The first companies to engage in “Alpha-tizement” were the sports gear companies. Underarmor, Gymshark, Optimum Nutrition. It was easy to see why. A lot of the boys in the running owed their progress to those companies already. You didn’t make it to the State Alpha Certifications without chugging truckloads of protein powder or getting your gym fit right on your way there. So when these companies offered to pay out the ass just for a couple square inches of skin showing their logo or slogan, of course the Alpha’s in training accepted happily.

In the first quarter after these exams were broadcast, all of the companies who went with this new strategy reported a 25.6% increase in net profit. Most of which went to the Execs.
Turns out Sex and Superiority sell.  Especially if it’s the raunchy roid fuelled sex all those Alpha breeders had mastered. The Corpos chose their horses well. Lotta preliminary research went into finding the best bucks.

Of the top 100 alphas across the country, around 40 of them were the first Alpha-tizement guinea pigs. And as soon as they got their certification all of them were instantly signed with exclusive advertising and modeling contracts with some of the biggest international firms. The world took notice for sure.
It was making the Corpos money, so the process continued. Year after year. Getting bigger and more diverse. With more and more brands fighting for a place on these walking, talking billboards. The contracts and the prices the Alpha studs demanded got more and more lucrative. There were expected guidelines drawn up based on where or how big a branding would be.
10k for a Bicep logo. 45k for a logo and a slogan on your Pecs. 100k For a Tattoo on the asscheek. 250k for one right above the bulge.
The Corpos didn’t care tho. By this point the Alpha contracts were pocket change compared to the dough they were raking in. In the State certification for California in 2076, Monsanto fully bought out the entire state’s cohort. A little in-joke perhaps about the modified nature of all the studs in that state. Cost about 400 million USD all told. They made it back in a month as everyone scrambled to stock up on oranges and corn. Real Alpha Produce.

After a while the brands got wise. It wasn’t uncommon to see studs covered in brands of all kinds, active competitors on the same bulging, beautiful body.
The top Alpha in West Virginia for 2080 was famous for his play of getting Coke *and* Pepsi tattooed on each Pec. Dr. Pepper had to settle for a simple slogan on the left forearm. Its market value dropped hard the next day.
You could always tell which stud had some serious potential, He’d come out practically more ink than skin.
But somehow it never ruined the look. It just got better and better with each Logo Carved into their thick, muscular bodies.
And the masses ate it up. You’ve never seen a nation more eager and happy to be Advertised to. The people were enraptured. They’d take and buy anything an Alpha was selling.
They didn’t didn’t even notice the Irony of the top performer for Florida being a Young, Catholic Hispanic dude with the Trojan Logo right above his cock. Miguel never let a rubber touch his meat in his life. But that didn’t fucking matter.

Eventually the corporations were sitting on so much money that they had to either spend it or burn it. So they did something that changed the game.

Instead of just going to already established alpha candidates to get brand deals. They would let the masses apply to them. And they would pick and choose from the lot.

Everyone knew how even just one good sponsor deal could set up a dude for years. So of course it was a rat-race to get them them. But it turns out, the corpos had some pretty high standards. They made it clear who they were looking for, Alpha studs with bodies of stone and Cocks so large they would act as the perfect billboard for their product.

The companies always claimed it was just because of advertising, but..maybe something more. It didn’t matter though once it was announced half the male population was vying for it. They needed the money. After all so much of it had gone to ruthless Alpha execs and it never trickled back down. So they worked and sculpted themselves. A whole generation grew into living gods in the blink of an eye. Roids and SARMs were given out in university pharmacies. Gym memberships were on every dudes wishlist. No one cared anymore. They wanted their boys to have the best shot at life. And of course along the way that meant that the protein powder and gym gear companies kept making more and more money. Not to mention the sex toy industry for the bulls who needed to train their cocks to fuck for hours on end.

By this point half the companies in the world shifted their product vision to cater to the new needs of the masses. Changing their branding to better reflect the new sentiments of their audiences too.
The world grew massive. The companies grew rich.
But still they wanted more.
The alphas wanted more cash.
The companies wanted new investments. And by now the first winners of the branded Alpha Certification Tests were old enough to be running those companies. And they brought along with them some pretty great fucking ideas.

2120, Every company announced it in tandem. No competition at all with this one.
They were updating the offerings of their Alpha-tizement program to include the following:

Eligible Alphas may partake in a breeding program where they procreate with a Company provided female or Modified breeding Fag(™). Each successful breeding and healthy offspring produced entitles the Alpha to a Sum of 1.5 Million USD. The child will be turned over to the Company in question. There is no limit to how many times one can be eligible for this program”

Men were made into Billionaires overnight. They fucked, forgot and flourished.
And it wasn’t until 18 years later that they realized what it was all for.
When Amazon released its first generation of “ALEX” models. A perfectly bred and trained fleet of delivery personnel. Strong as bulls. Capable of working for 20 hours straight with no breaks. Soon everyone else was fired and instead every amazon package was delivered by an obedient ALEX who as an added bonus would leave a few loads inside you finishing with a smile and spouting the company tagline “Work hard, Have fun, Make History”

Every company produced something, a new ultra masc boy toy stud, programmed to serve the company line and to act as the ultimate final product. The Latest stage of capitalism.

“PIERRE” by L’Oreal, genetically designed and modified to give cum facials that took 10 years off your skin, and trained so that their balls swelled with the perfect formula. $2000 a vial.

Disney presents “KEVIN”, a park experience where one lucky guest gets to be fucked senseless by a gang of 10 almost identical looking blonde adonises until either they pass out, or it’s time to pay again. 3k for an hour. 1.5k if a non-voluntary participant.

RAWGEAR’s “TYLER” line where a sculpted stud stands in the window of your shop posing, repping the brand and pulling in customers. Once he gets them in they’re bound to buy half your stock. One down payment of 10k for one Tyler unit and an additional 15k for the training protocols to get him to stop leaving a mess on the showroom floor.

Raytheon’s “JOHNATHAN” Armies that changed the face of the battlefield forever. Mindless blood thirsty unstoppable drones, pumped with so much testosterone and aggression hormones that they were classified as WMD’s by the UN based on how they decimated whole cities, nations, cultures.

The world was a better place now. The economy was ruined. Megamonopolies selling sex and masculinity were the dominant force. People were products. What more could you want?

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