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Despite what you might be told, it’s fairly rare to see an Alpha in the official role of ‘boss”. Why would you need to overcompensate with hard work and excessive overtime when life and birthright have given you all you need to be naturally superior?

The Alpha still climbs of course; though floats is a better descriptor. Given everything they could ask for because of that sheer magnetic aura of power and charisma that hangs around them at all times. The rules just never seem to apply to them. And why should they? Its not like he needs this job when he has a hoard of needy fags out there just begging to pay for the lifestyle that he knows he deserves.

But for the workplace Alpha it’s about more than money. It’s about the thrill of having a captive playground where one can flex and hone those dominant instincts.

Take Vlad here at the Abyss Athletics Agency. When he comes into work it’s like the air shifts. The worker drones might wonder why they never see him working. No one quite knows what he even does. You can always find him hanging in the company lounge or the gym or around a new hire’s desk. But anyone who’s been at the company long enough knows not to question that, otherwise they’ll get a firsthand workshop on why the C-suite employees call him ‘Sir’.

Of course it helps that his dad is on the board of directors, but truthfully that doesn’t really matter. His power, the effortless domination that oozes out of every pore, is enough to secure him his position for life. It’s why he makes twice what his coworkers do; for half the work.

But a good executive understands that a single office Alpha can increase profits by up to 400%. Clients just seem more inclined to agree to contracts after a night out drinking with him. Maybe it was watching what he did to the little runt who tried to beat him at pool. Maybe it was the way their partner always seems to be positively revving to go after spending an hour around him talking at length about Penetrating new markets that were begging for a Fresh new brand to monopolize their space.

That same combination of Lust, Envy and Fear also work as amazing motivators for your employee’s. Todd from accounting always seemed to focus that extra bit harder after seeing how his boyfriend was staring at Vlad during the company picnic.

And all it takes to get away with it is coming to a little “agreement” with HR about how much maternity leave the company has to give out before the interns are off-limits til next quarter.

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