They don’t need to be the biggest 24 inch biceps, or possess that genetically perfect split peak, but like all things about an Alpha, their arms above all else must draw the eye and command respect.
There is an inherent reverence we all have for a Man’s arms, the true tools of his mastery. They are what an Alpha uses to give as well as take, to reward and to punish, to push and pull, accept and deny; to mold his destiny towards success and conquest and the destinies of those around him towards service and submission. Therefore, strength is needed; that iron grip and determination to hold on to what they want and not let go till they have either gotten it or it has been destroyed.

When one meets a true alpha you can sense that strength in his arms.

Arms that have been used or inevitably will be used to push a fag to their knees and make them gag on his Cock.

Arms that with a mere flex could easily have every inferior and needy slut in the room drooling over that thin webbing of veins and that tightly corded superior musculature.

Arms that lust and long to crush, to slap, to dig fingers into supple flesh and to elicit cries of mingled fear and longing.

Arms that use everything they wield like a weapon to advance that Alpha’s Conquest – that are a weapon to advance that alpha’s conquest. Truly no more potent right to bear arms exists for an 
alpha male.

Who needs the hands of God when you’ve got the arms of an Alpha to submit to?
Any inferior should be grateful to even be in the presence of an Alpha; let alone be touched by, Manhandled with, forced to worship and lust after those bulging arms, perfectly sculpted flesh forged hard as steel

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