The life of a bro is one of cognitive dissonance constantly rattling their brains. That’s part of the reason they enjoy being so dumb; they have to spend so many mental resources already keeping those two conflicting ideas in their head and reconciling them with each other. In a way, all bros meet F. Scott Fitzgerald’s conception of a First-rate intelligence, although I suppose its up to you to determine whether most bro’s count as “Functioning”.

The two opposing forces that batter the brains of bros are thus:
First, there is the desire to be the Best bro you can be, always and forever at the top of the heap. Being the biggest, having the most drip, getting the most ass.
In constant rivalry and competition with your bros because they recognize in many areas of interest it’s a Zero sum game. The success of another bro meaning a loss for you.

But the second idea is that one of unity and cooperation. That desire to live as a single system, totally in sync with each other. Recognizing that the more bros that work together, the less work each individual bro has to do.
The more bro’s in a clique the less each bro has to think, spend, and worry about while trying to maximize their gains inside the system. A symbiotic, synergistic relationship displayed prominently throughout all of nature.

Luckily most bro’s realize the benefits of unity and brotherhood. Realizing that it’s so much easier to just be a bro and not try to go it alone.

Many hands make light work. Many hands to spot you during that last rep. Many hands to pick you back up when you fall on your ass after a night of drinking. Many hands to back you up when you’re trying to pull some ass at the bar(knowing full well that by the end of the night all your bros will have had a piece).

But just cause they acknowledge the pleasure of unity doesn’t mean that every bro isn’t always jostling to be just that bit above his peers. Just that bit bigger, sexier, stronger and even dumber. But in doing that, whether consciously or not, every bro is just contributing the the quality of the whole.
An arms race where as one excels, the others chase after and over take him.
Over and over, better and better till every bro in the group is head and shoulders above where they were when they started.

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