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Let’s be real, the dumb jock stereotype is dead and gone.

Modern jocks, the ones that succeed at least; are ruthless, well trained predators. School is just another game and they’re playing to win. You don’t get a full-ride sports scholarship by being a dumbass. You gotta keep your grades up. Up above everyone else’s too. 4.0 GPA or nothing. Jock’s won’t just pass. They’ll take every course and dissect it with the precision of a killer. Figuring out the material and the professors just like they’ve figured out the secrets of their sport.

Where most of the Jock’s peers are out getting drunk and stoned every night, he’s still at the gym. On the pitch. In the library. Why? Because its all a means to an end to get what he truly craves. The substance that drives him forward. 


He gets high off being a winner. Team captain, MVP, Class rep, Valedictorian. He wants it all. The full college experience. Failure won’t be tolerated. No one else will take his titles from him. Everything is prepared or planned for. Everything in its perfect place. The rigidity of the classroom gives him the structure to climb to the very top of the food chain, eventually surpassing the coach as the true power of the team. Loving the attention as every victory against the opposing side wins him the adoration of the entire campus.

It’s not all work and no play, however. Those victorious after parties easily make up for the weeks of self-denial. And the team captain has the pick of the lot. Free drinks. Endless adoration from skill-less hacks who might as well be your post-workout meal. And of course any of the dozens of needy cheerleader bimbo sluts who throw themselves at the big man who just scored the winning goal. Maybe one of them will tip him off to a new opportunity or path towards success while her legs are wrapped around his waist and he rounds home base. 

But sex is just a participation trophy. The entire team will have one of those by the time the night is done. And while they’re busy puking their guts up in the morning, or downing pills to deal with last night’s mistakes; The Jock is up bright and early. Already up at the front of the lecture hall, hand raised and giving the right answer every fucking time.

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