(ID: Sam Oldham)

Every movement or frame of thought has fundamental Tenets. Principles and beliefs and Doctrines held to be true. Of course there are exceptions, but within the mind of all true believers they are a guiding light to understand themselves and their ideals within the light of an Overarching framework.
The same holds true for every archetype and identity in the Abyss. Every corruption comes with its own guiding black hand to show you the way and to give all who embrace it a baseline from which to build.

And so behold the Tenets of the Jock

1) Life is a Battlefield, Conquer everything you do

 You are a warrior. Success and Victory are survival. Mediocrity and Failure are death. You are a winner. MVP. Never letting your guard down. Continuing to push till you reach the top of the pile. Extend this mentality to everything. Everything is battle. And the rush of victory is ecstasy. Sports, work, school, life. Your discipline and training preparing you to win the battle and the war.

2) You are a Predator looking for Prey

 Every step must be calculated. Every action poised with killer intent. Always looking out for weakness to exploit; to get the upper hand. Every opportunity taken advantage of. Sinking your teeth into it and never letting go. Once you smell blood in the water you go into a frenzy. New promotion, New plays, New people, New Prey.

3) Never be content with less than 100%

 Always strive for higher. Your ambition must know no bound. You are never content with enough. Enough is never enough. Push yourself to the limit and then keep pushing until you redefine what the limit is. You will do more than survive. You will do more than succeed. You will excel and you will be better than the best. And you expect the same of your team and everyone around you.

4) Get your priorities in order. Never Falter

 Your time is precious. It cannot be wasted with trivial pursuits. Set your mind in the right order. Emphasizing the things that are most important to you. A hierarchy of goals and ambitions and never stray from them. Let everything else fall away because you cannot be distracted from your victory. Keep your eyes on the prize.

5) Your body is a weapon, honed to perfection

 Hard, molded steel muscles fired in the forge of battle and achievement. Every part of you hard-won through sweat and effort. Never let that body go to waste. Use it to its utmost potential. It is a tool of your victory; cutting down your enemies on the field, in the ring, or in the office. Strong and athletic. A lethal weapon in the hands of one as well trained as you.

6) Treasure your Victories

 Bask in that glow of everlasting glory. Your enemies strewn on the battlefield before you. Your teammates showering you with applause. Blood staining your lips from the skirmish. Feel that medal on your chest; the wreath on your head. Take it all in and cherish the unrivaled pleasure. You won’t rest on your laurels, but you will sure as hell enjoy them. The social clout and the mobility that being Number 1 brings.

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