Heavy, heaving shelves of tightly muscled, juicy pectorals; twitching, flexing, swelling almost against a Bull’s will.
It’s expected that a Bull will be massive and well developed in all areas of their exquisitely grotesque musculature, but nothing exemplifies that innate Lust for growth more than a huge pair of Muscle Tits that overhang from the bulls body and literally become all he can see after a while. Like a set of Muscle Bull blinders.

The pecs are different to a lot of other muscular groups because they are so seldom used in everyday life. They require extensive training and heavy resistance to grow to the shirt-straining sizes that all bulls desire. Therefore a Nice rack on a Muscle Bull is a sign of intense dedication, and, in many cases, intense obsession and desire. The feeling of that pump swelling your chest after a set becoming a set of sexual stimuli for the bull. Loving the ability to flex and bounce them for everyone to see.
Every workout becoming erotic, as the strain and flex of your muscles constitutes an orgasmic explosion with every rep. As the knowledge that you are building your pecs tickles and teases that Bull brain and becomes a point of pride and enjoyment. Loving the growth just for the sake of it. Just longing to see those Muscle tits grow fuller.

All the while inside there is that deep subconscious yearning, begging for someone to just reach out and grab hold of their chest in worship, squeezing and massaging like a true piece of Livestock being tested for its qu

Becoming just a piece of meat for themselves and others, embodying a Bull. Force fed and pumped up full of hormones to eventually be paraded onto a stage and hopefully win that prize, or else to be grown for slaughter, pecs eventually feeding the desires of dozens of worshippers that bury their faces between those slabs of beef.

That’s what pecs represent, not only dedication to the craft of honing your flesh into something more than anyone could ever imagine, but also of sacrifice. Sacrificing the weakness in yourself that makes you anything more or less than a piece of meat. Sacrificing those inhibitions to tie you to societal expectations to be “Normal”.

Juicy pecs like these whose fibers you can literally count beneath the skin are not — Cannot — be built by normal people. It takes something special, something primal, something inhuman. That Lust for growth inside to want to become like this. And then the slow augmentation to actually achieve it. Starting first with synthesized Whey protein, then moving to supplements and creatine and god knows what other chemical concoctions you can find on the market that still keeps you “natural”, and finally throwing all care to the wind to take that final plunge into anabolic bliss.

And all along that journey the bull will just keep flexing, Just keep pumping, Just keep smilin

Always and forever, because muscle is all that matters.

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