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Every movement or frame of thought has fundamental Tenets. Principles and beliefs and Doctrines held to be true. Of course there are exceptions, but within the mind of all true believers they are a guiding light to understand themselves and their ideals within the light of an Overarching framework.
The same holds true for every archetype and identity in the Abyss. Every corruption comes with its own guiding black hand to show you the way and to give all who embrace it a baseline from which to build.

And so behold the Tenets of the Bull

1) Muscle is all that matters

 Growth and muscle and mass are your be all and end all. They come above every responsibility. It is your destiny to grow. To build your body and force it into that muscular grotesque form of pure beef. There is no such thing as too big. Live your life knowing that everything is secondary to your lust for growth, That nothing feels as good or is worth more than muscular perfection.

2) Do whatever it takes

 You will do whatever is necessary to grow.
Anything that is within your power. Nothing will stand in your way.
Working out 7 days a week. Changing your lifestyle to facilitate your growth. Giving up other less enticing or important things that distract you from muscle. Juice up and learn the way to maximize your growth. Cut off those who doubt you and hold you back. Spend half your paycheck on supplements and food. Anything and everything to grow.

3) You are meat. Your muscle is the only thing that will bring you joy

You are a bull. Livestock. Born and bred for your muscle and growth. You need to be appreciated for it. Felt and witnessed for it. Lauded for it. Nothing feels better than the pump in the gym. Nothing looks better than putting pound after pound of mass on your frame. Growing so big that clothes stretch and strain and people stare and call you a freak. It is therapy. It is the cure to all your ills.
It all feels so good, and the ultimate pinnacle is using that muscle to fulfil you entirely. Flex and show off for cash. Become a Personal trainer. A Bodybuilder. Whatever it takes to make muscle your life.

4) You must eat to grow

Being so massive and continuing to grow fills you with that insatiable hunger. A constant urge to feed and fuel your muscle. Obsessed and constantly hungry for more! And even if you haven’t reached that stage yet, you still consume more. More protein and all the fuel you need to grow. Stuffing your face till your stomach feels like it will pop, but still loving it. Still feeding more because you know that food is fuel for growth. You do not eat to feel good. You do not eat to survive. You eat to grow!

5)The World must grow with you

 It is not enough that you should be the biggest. Your muscle isn’t the only thing that matters. ALL muscle is what matters. You won’t even waste time with someone who isn’t growing or isn’t at least trying. It is your duty as a perfect muscle bull to encourage others. Teach them. Grow them. Push them forward with your own progress. The world must be filled with more muscle to be perfected.

6) Obsession and Addiction Fuel you

 Your lust for muscle should eclipse all other things. It should be a sickness that infects all aspects of your life. There is no healthy indulgence. There is only growth. Crazed and powerful until it overwhelms your mind. Leaving behind only the muscle bull and no trace of the man that was. Muscle is your god. The Gym is your temple. Let it become your truth and your reality.

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