All bulls utterly dehumanize themselves in the name of growth, becoming something more and less than human. Dedicating themselves with such bestial obsession that they lose themselves.

But they never regret that loss, no they seek it out. Getting to the point where no one cares about their face or their names; they are only known by their size and strength. Heaving mounds of flesh and Growth for Growths sake, getting bigger and bigger and bigger until they become true bulls.

The world was not built for bulls, but they love that about it. Getting so big that their wide backs and broad shoulders can’t pass through doors meant for ‘normal’ people. So massive that the only clothes that fit over that bulging frame are specially made gym clothes for Bulls just like them. So obsessed with muscle that everything else just drops away and their brains devolve into pure addicted muscle obsession, changing their lives one step at a time until all that remains is Muscle. Humanity and any restrictions that came with it gone forever.

When those last dregs of human inhibition are depleted its then that every bull truly realizes, they never needed it in the first place. All of those nagging feelings of excess and shame at their desire to grow came from that humanity. Once a bull outgrows that part of them they can be truly happy.

Happy to add muscle until he is literally twice the man he was before his transformation.
Happy to reduce human interests and restrictions until muscle is all that matters.
Happy to replace his mind and body with additives either hypnotic or chemical until he is more the work of other men than himself.

A faceless mass of muscle and growth. A true Muscle bull.

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