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School is such a strange time for a young Alpha. Surrounded on all sides by hundreds of people who you know for a fact are inferior to you.
You can look at them and see it for yourself. Weak. Small. Stupid. Boring as hell and lacking your natural talent and charisma. Constantly held back from reaching your truest potential by the ignorant masses around you as well as that stifling pressure of the whole institution above you.
Forced to play nice with those who, frankly, have barely earned the respect of being seen as a fellow human. They’re just NPCs. Toys for your pleasure and advancement. 

But an Alpha serves a vital role in the delicate ecosystem that is an academic institution. Like an Apex predator, your job is to shake things up and keep things dynamic, while also exerting control over the system. And honestly, the skills you develop in that role will serve you better than anything you learn in tutorials. It’s preparation for a life of superiority and prowess; manipulating the weak and getting what you desire.

Some take a more aggressive route. A bully. A thug. Frustrated by the mediocrity around them. Putting the weak in their place and never letting them forget it. Might makes right. And the rage and passion you feel at the mere sight of an inferior weakling who would dare get in your way just fuels the brutal treatment they’ll receive.
Insulting weak out of shape cunts. Degrading their confidence and laughing in their face. Forcing them to do your homework, not because you can’t do it, But just as a show of what true power can do. Keeping the herd in line. Instilling the fear of God in them. You’re just as responsible for creating the scared, pliable worker bees that the School system spits out.

Some others prefer a more subtle method. Letting their Superiority ooze from them like golden sunshine. Pure ego and Cockiness that everyone simply respects. Flaunting what you’ve got. Because everyone wants what you’ve got. All of your peers either want you or want to be you. And that lust and envy makes them all so easy to toy with. Do you develop a little bit of a sociopathic god complex through it all? Maybe. But you deserve it. You’re making the world a better place.
Maybe you’ll inspire someone else, that 1 in 1000 stud to finally embrace his Alpha spark like you did. Take hold of his potential and outgrow the system.
For the other 999 you’re preparing them for a life of longing and mediocrity. Helping them overcome their ego by realizing that they’ll never truly measure up.

But alas, having such a duty and being so much better than everyone can be isolating. You could find some bros or Jocks to hang with, some Bulls and Himbos to amuse you. But it’ll never be enough. It’s lonely at the top.

Luckily though, you’ll have more than enough temporary distraction with all those sluts and Cumdumps throwing themselves at you. Supple bodies and needy holes for you to use and then toss aside. Spreading your wild oats so far that just about everyone will have had a taste by the time you walk across the graduation stage and set off on your journey to show off what you’ve learned to the rest of the world.

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