He submitted to his Master’s programming every day, opening his mind to the seductive possibilities Coach’s Voice laid out in his head. But he couldn’t quite parse or remember everything that Coach told him, Where his thoughts ended and his masters programming began. As far as he remembered(which these days wasn’t very far) he had always been like this. Dumb and totally obsessed with muscle. Despite what his professors and peers told him he didn’t have any interest in all those confusing, boring subjects like Biology and chemistry. In fact every time he tried to think too hard about them all he got in return was a headache and a glorious mental static that drowned out any thoughts of his own and left nothing but the echoing voice of his master whispering into his subconscious.

  He wasn’t even 100% sure his Coach’s hypnotic promises were being fulfilled, that was until he caught another glimpse of himself in the mirror.
Usually this resulted in a few lost hours as he admired his developing form, lost amid glazed over eyes and dripping cock. This time however he was surprised at the sight he saw. Pecs! Real Pecs! Obviously nothing akin to the Models and Himbos he had lusted after and hoped to become, but more than he possessed before he met his Coach.

A dumb slow grin spread across his face which he noticed now was filling out more, grown more angular and sharp and masculine than the slender, boyish features he had once possessed . Working out, jerking off, His master’s words; all of them must have triggered an influx of natural testosterone edging him closer to being the Muscle Boy that he always longed to be.

In a moment of mindless instinct, or perhaps subconscious compulsion, he tried to flex his pecs.
Feeling the way the new muscle moved and swelled beneath his skin, the way his flesh hardened and contorted like carved ebony or sculpted obsidian sent shivers down his spine.
Fuck!! Why did it feel so good? He had flexed before but something felt different this time. His entire body felt alight with orgasmic sensation; of every Fiber, sinew and nerve awash with pleasure. He continued to flex, each pump of his pectorals eliciting a small breathy moan of pleasure from his lips that got louder and louder with each muscular wave up his chest.

After a moment of adoration his voice was Audible and he couldn’t restrain himself, “Oh Coach!” The words came automatically like a switch had been flipped, and what’s more, his voice modulated with the cry of pleasure. Not higher like a pre-pubescent voice crack, but down to a lower tone in the throes of passionate self love. He looked down at himself to see his cock had slipped free from the prison of his shorts. Inching out further and further from his body. Was he even bigger down there now too? Had his Throbbing cock and Churning balls even been affected by this sudden and spectacular change? The revelation took over his mind and he could feel himself slipping away into blissful trance, his IQ and mental faculties leaving him. He could feel the fog clouding his mind, making him so dumb and unable to form a sentence, reducing his cries of pleasure into moans and grunts, too dumb to even form his own words but before he left his senses he made a mental note to never doubt the power of his Master ever again.