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Dumbing Down Dread

Art by Acro @sodalite96/https://twitter.com/sodalite96 Used with their permission. Go check them out!)

Recently and for basically my whole time producing Jock/Jock Adjacent Hypno content I’ve gotten a variation on the same question.

“Is it possible to listen to your files without losing my I.Q. Points?”

I’ve gotten it on discord, Tumblr Asks and DMs, Patreon messages, the works.
I’ve always said this, but I.Q. is perhaps one of the worst ways that we’ve developed to measure intellect. Highly rigid and dogmatic, Deeply contextual to certain societies, developed as tools of eugenicist movements, and overall being relatively limited and restrictive to the type of intelligence that gets valued. (Here are some links and citations for further reading because one doesn’t just make claims 1, 2, 3).

But it’s good as short-hand and it is kind of alluring to imagine something as complicated as intelligence being twisted and manipulated like a knob on a console; raising and lowering a number.

Lots of really good tf stories have that hook. I’m even guilty of using the term once or twice in my files or my captions(though always with a disclaimer attached)

But overall I get the question that’s really being asked. You’re basically worried that by using my files you’re suddenly going to be zonked into a drooling incapable Moron and that scares you for some reason.

Well, first to assuage the fears of both you and many others. If you don’t want it to happen (either consciously or unconsciously) then you probably have nothing to worry about. Any tist or file-creator worth their spirals will always tell you that your brain is fully capable of refusing most suggestions, and at any point you can say “No” or revoke consent.

That’s the simple answer to your question.

However I’d like to use this as an opportunity to ask those of you with this similar concern to consider some alternate perspectives.

I’ve worked with a fair few people who would be considered very intelligent by the standards of most intellectual purists. College educated, Diplomas. Some with doctorates. Lawyers, actors, presenters, writers, More than one Biomed student.

All of whom have enjoyed Dumbing in one form or another. I’ve even partook of some of my own work like the Painted Himbo file and Enjoyed that Pink haze of ditzy dumbness myself. It is incredibly enjoyable. Freeing. Reducing your thoughts and vocabulary. Allowing that Uninhibited Fratty-Ditzy-Drooly Dumbness to overwhelm you. 

One will note that the people I am talking about, myself included are not drooling invalids at this point in time.

That is because most people who go for dumbing do it as a part of a singular experience. A passing high like the buzz of a drink or a Smoke. They enjoy it and then they return to their baseline of competence, occasionally bringing along some of the more fun aspects of reduced capacity with enough Listens. Because as anyone who has done any form of hypnotic programming will tell you, in order to see long-term effects you’ve gotta listen consistently and put in the work yourself . Otherwise you’re not gonna see any changes.

The majority of people will probably experience Dumbing Hypnosis in this fleeting, fun, experiential way, so there is nothing to be worried about for the majority of you. Go listen. Enjoy. Zonk to your hearts desire.
However there is another perspective. Another question to ask.

Is it really that bad to be dumb?

Societal expectations and typical modern value systems prize certain forms of intellect because they are associated with productivity. In short, Smart people make slightly less smart but more ruthless people more money.

If you want to live within this system that’s more than ok. It’s not bad to be smart.

But in my experience many of the subjects with whom I’ve worked who have been tempted by and decided for themselves to plunge deep into the realms of permanent dumbing have almost invariably come back out of it happier, healthier, and without an ounce of regret.

Men who had achieved the societal expectation of intellect but were never fulfilled by it. In fact were ravaged by the anxiety and dissatisfaction which it so often brings.
Who relished the chance to finally give up that life and reduce their cares along with their Vocabulary. Restrict their anxiety in addition to their interests. To indulge in blissful ignorance and uninhibited joy. But even these people didn’t completely ruin their lives.

Can it truly said to be ruination if at the end of the day you have a smile on your face and a newfound appreciation for life?
Its just a pivot. A change.
Being smart is right for some people in the same way university might be right for some people.
But it’s not right for everyone.

So perhaps one should question if its ever been right for you, or if you might instead prefer to be like one of those Happy few who gave up the chains of expectation and lived for themselves for once.

Perhaps one should question how much your “High I.Q.” has really contributed to your overall happiness.

Perhaps you should give a few of my dumbing files a listen, cause surely Smart guys like you will be able to appreciate some of the arguments now that you know you have nothing to worry about.

How to be a Himbo ch.3 : Pleasure

The phrase ‘Attention Whore’ Takes on a whole new meaning with the Himbo Slut. The heat of lusting eyes over their skin and the glitz and glamour of their bodies turning into a glittering disco ball for the attention of others.

Oh to be coveted and desired so highly.It all feels so good, like the steadily building arousal of foreplay, a subtle heat that grows from the knowledge that everyone wants them.

Himbo’s know the role they play and they take immense pride in it, taking that endless reward; the love of a crowd of adoring fans.

So they delve deep into it, they play up the part. The eternal center of attention garnering more and more eyes on them the longer the night goes on.

Skimpy revealing clothing that leaves just enough up to the imagination, making suitors drool over what lies beneath that Crop top or how they can get into that speedo by the end of the night.

The provocative dancing and movement of that lithe body, gently luring more and more people in with every grind and flex.

The silly, ditzy, flirty personality that makes everyone swoon and blush when its directed their way.

The place of the Himbo is Center stage. The life of the party and the charismatic social magnet. Every compliment, every touch, every flirtatious advance and late night fling boiling down to how much attention he can get.

Every second in the spotlight is like an eternity of bliss, so like a true attention whore they’ll look for every avenue to get the love and adoration. Like a junkie hungering for the next high.

First it starts with the Instagram posts and the snapchat streaks, ramping up the following and the wave of self-indulgent pleasure that comes with it.

Then next comes the Onlyfans, hundreds of people clamouring to literally pay for the honour of witnessing you.

And the best Himbos that reach the pinnacle go on to be models and movie stars, paving the way for more young Himbos to follow in their journeys. Basking in all the attention like the warm afterglow of sex.

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How to be a Himbo ch. 2: Eyes

The sultry, salacious look in a Himbo’s Eyes seems at first to belie that most important Himbo virtue: stupidity. Just a ditzy, silly boy too focused on his own looks and style and body. Not a thought behind those eyes but those of his own aesthetic and his next night out.

But if you stare long enough into that abyss you can see that sense of subtle superiority. Not the aggressive assertion of the alpha; instead a smoother confidence, a knowledge that, with his looks and bubbly personality, he could have anyone he wanted eating out of the palm of his hand.

Picking and choosing who is worthy to gaze into the window of his soul and see that passionate flame blazing within. That come-hither glare oozing with pure sexuality, dripping an invitation to approach and drink it all in, because his body is an infinite resource. The gift that keeps on giving.

The Himbo stare communicates a whole saga with its combination of body language and natural charisma. Soft yet firm, empty yet full. Like satin sheets sliding over smooth skin, his sight slithers over mere mortals and for a moment makes them feel truly seen.

Taking inspiration from the Bimbos and skilled temptresses of old who once had a total monopoly on the art of seduction, and then adding their own unique flair of masculinity to the mix.

Half-Lidded eyes and forceful observation. Calculation behind every sidelong glance and smirk. Eyes practically beaming desire and calls of lust into the minds of mortals and possessing a near hypnotic power of their own. Wrapping and enrapturing their suitors in that same Sex-crazed stupor. A state of perpetual ‘fuck me’ eyes that become an irresistible Siren Song.

It’s only as one gets closer to the Himbo that the true purpose of that dumb, ditzy persona becomes apparent. It’s not a façade, no. It’s a very real. The stupidity in their alluring eyes becoming yet another tool to ensorcel those around them. Like so many pretty colours and sweet scents of a venus fly trap.

Those seduction techniques so much like the Jock’s predatory strategy, but aimed towards a completely different purpose.
Where alphas desire domination and Jocks desire victory, Where bros lust after community and Bulls beg for growth. Himbos want only attention, and they’ll take it in any form they can get.

Those eyes seeking out the most lustful simp in the room for them to coerce a few drinks out of. Looking out like a hawk for the opportune selfie spot so they can rake in the adoration or envy of hundreds of Instagram followers.

Worshipper beware of Golden Gods such as these, for behind that gossamer layer of glamour and glitz, there is a Medusa gaze that will lure you to an ultimate and most pleasurable end.

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How to be a Himbo ch. 1

Himbos have a place in the world today like modern Apollos; Sun gods that make the world brighter just by their presence. And their numbers have only continued to grow, sitting atop their pedestal gracing everyone with more and more light. Himbos are the idols to which everyone should aspire. The golden flame that burns atop the mount to be achieved. The Himbos of the world will usher in a new order in the same way similar innovations like the mining and refining of gold or the advent of paper currency did. A new resource to be coveted. Some long to become Himbos, the majority obviously, desperately scrabbling at the base of that mount, worshipping the golden edifice and praising idols like so many parched and thirsty claimants walking through the desert, hoping against hope that the golden flame will grace them.

Others hunger and lust after Himbos, seeking fiercely to conquer one for their own, Alphas and the lucky few who get to bask in the grace of their own personal Himbo. Experiencing the toned and tight body first hand and assuming that somehow because of the Himbo’s lesser intellect that they are somehow subordinate. Little do these Mountain climbers know that, like the lovers of Apollo, they will be enraptured; caught in the beauty and used for everything they are worth, simply to better their Himbo god, and then thrown from the mountain once the next quarry comes.

And finally that select few chosen to become Himbos reaching an apotheosis and giving up their worries and cares, surrendering their intellect in exchange for Beauty and the allure of the gods. Blessed by Apollo and radiating that Golden glow. Toned, tight bodies, Dick-sucking lips, and the delicious aura of a trophy to be won. Taking their place at the top of the mount with the rest of the Himbo Pantheon.

And the more that attain this Zenith of perfection and aesthetic achievement, filling the Heavenly Host of Himbos, the more that seem to come along; better and brighter. A veritable onslaught of sexualized muscle sluts and gorgeous insta-models. Each generation inspired by the last until it reaches a critical mass. Each hoping for that day of ultimate paradise where all can be summoned to sit and bask in the warmth of the Golden Flame.

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