Himbos have a place in the world today like modern Apollos; Sun gods that make the world brighter just by their presence. And their numbers have only continued to grow, sitting atop their pedestal gracing everyone with more and more light. Himbos are the idols to which everyone should aspire. The golden flame that burns atop the mount to be achieved. The Himbos of the world will usher in a new order in the same way similar innovations like the mining and refining of gold or the advent of paper currency did. A new resource to be coveted. Some long to become Himbos, the majority obviously, desperately scrabbling at the base of that mount, worshipping the golden edifice and praising idols like so many parched and thirsty claimants walking through the desert, hoping against hope that the golden flame will grace them.

Others hunger and lust after Himbos, seeking fiercely to conquer one for their own, Alphas and the lucky few who get to bask in the grace of their own personal Himbo. Experiencing the toned and tight body first hand and assuming that somehow because of the Himbo’s lesser intellect that they are somehow subordinate. Little do these Mountain climbers know that, like the lovers of Apollo, they will be enraptured; caught in the beauty and used for everything they are worth, simply to better their Himbo god, and then thrown from the mountain once the next quarry comes.

And finally that select few chosen to become Himbos reaching an apotheosis and giving up their worries and cares, surrendering their intellect in exchange for Beauty and the allure of the gods. Blessed by Apollo and radiating that Golden glow. Toned, tight bodies, Dick-sucking lips, and the delicious aura of a trophy to be won. Taking their place at the top of the mount with the rest of the Himbo Pantheon.

And the more that attain this Zenith of perfection and aesthetic achievement, filling the Heavenly Host of Himbos, the more that seem to come along; better and brighter. A veritable onslaught of sexualized muscle sluts and gorgeous insta-models. Each generation inspired by the last until it reaches a critical mass. Each hoping for that day of ultimate paradise where all can be summoned to sit and bask in the warmth of the Golden Flame.

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