The sultry, salacious look in a Himbo’s Eyes seems at first to belie that most important Himbo virtue: stupidity. Just a ditzy, silly boy too focused on his own looks and style and body. Not a thought behind those eyes but those of his own aesthetic and his next night out.

But if you stare long enough into that abyss you can see that sense of subtle superiority. Not the aggressive assertion of the alpha; instead a smoother confidence, a knowledge that, with his looks and bubbly personality, he could have anyone he wanted eating out of the palm of his hand.

Picking and choosing who is worthy to gaze into the window of his soul and see that passionate flame blazing within. That come-hither glare oozing with pure sexuality, dripping an invitation to approach and drink it all in, because his body is an infinite resource. The gift that keeps on giving.

The Himbo stare communicates a whole saga with its combination of body language and natural charisma. Soft yet firm, empty yet full. Like satin sheets sliding over smooth skin, his sight slithers over mere mortals and for a moment makes them feel truly seen.

Taking inspiration from the Bimbos and skilled temptresses of old who once had a total monopoly on the art of seduction, and then adding their own unique flair of masculinity to the mix.

Half-Lidded eyes and forceful observation. Calculation behind every sidelong glance and smirk. Eyes practically beaming desire and calls of lust into the minds of mortals and possessing a near hypnotic power of their own. Wrapping and enrapturing their suitors in that same Sex-crazed stupor. A state of perpetual ‘fuck me’ eyes that become an irresistible Siren Song.

It’s only as one gets closer to the Himbo that the true purpose of that dumb, ditzy persona becomes apparent. It’s not a façade, no. It’s a very real. The stupidity in their alluring eyes becoming yet another tool to ensorcel those around them. Like so many pretty colours and sweet scents of a venus fly trap.

Those seduction techniques so much like the Jock’s predatory strategy, but aimed towards a completely different purpose.
Where alphas desire domination and Jocks desire victory, Where bros lust after community and Bulls beg for growth. Himbos want only attention, and they’ll take it in any form they can get.

Those eyes seeking out the most lustful simp in the room for them to coerce a few drinks out of. Looking out like a hawk for the opportune selfie spot so they can rake in the adoration or envy of hundreds of Instagram followers.

Worshipper beware of Golden Gods such as these, for behind that gossamer layer of glamour and glitz, there is a Medusa gaze that will lure you to an ultimate and most pleasurable end.

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