We all have those moments where we want or need to do something, but we just can’t muster up the motivation and the energy to get it started.

The weight of executive dysfunction prevents us from moving forward with our lives.

But occasionally someone comes along and tells us to just get up and do it. And somehow that lights a spark in us.

Now you can simply let me be that voice inside you, telling you to “Do it” when there is something to be done.


“Just listened to the new file “Do It” and had my first 1,000 word writing session in a few weeks

Really nice trance honestly, I love the Rainfall Induction and I love Avis’ self-help stuff and I LOVE when a file is like, 20 minutes because it’s way easier make time for it. (Hence why I also love Abyss Drone ). I honestly think this is a great, peaceful kinda mood-setter I could see myself listening to regularly in the mornings, as a way to set my framework for the day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make my to-do list, listen to this, and get cracking again :3

Do recommend!”@jockoutwest(14/02/22)