Every movement or frame of thought has fundamental Tenets. Principles and beliefs and Doctrines held to be true. Of course there are exceptions, but within the mind of all true believers they are a guiding light to understand themselves and their ideals within the light of an Overarching framework.
The same holds true for every archetype and identity in the Abyss. Every corruption comes with its own guiding black hand to show you the way and to give all who embrace it a baseline from which to build.

And so behold the Tenets of the Himbo

1) Play the Part

Performance, Artifice, Glitz and Glamour. When people think of a Himbo, they expect certain things. They expect pretty boys with nice bodies. Fun and flirty personalities eager to have a good time. They expect dyed hair and Silk shirts. Why disappoint them? Fulfill their fantasies of you. Build your body and your persona around what people want to see. Build a brand around loving the spotlight and the attention. Let the whole world know what you are. Embody your role until it is a part of you. Be a stereotype so that people can’t tell where you end and where the shallow performance begins. Fake it till you make it. Because if you play the fool for long enough, eventually you will become one.

2) Vanity is a Virtue

Beauty is good. You are a work of art. You make the world a better place through your appearance. Sculpting your body. Keeping your skin smooth and soft. It makes people happy.
So who cares if you’re a little conceited and self absorbed. It takes a lot of work to look as good as you do, you’ve earned the right to get off on your own appearance.
The story of narcissus is a goal, not a warning. Stare into the mirror. Fixate on your looks. Every hair in place. Every fashion choice is deliberately selected to make you and everyone else stop and take notice.

3) Your style is Seductive

A little exposed shoulder here. A midriff there. Legs that just keep going up to the heavens. Sending people crazy. Tempting and tantalizing them with what lies beneath. Like a perfectly wrapped gift. Sinful and seductive. Your role in life is to act as the serpent, guiding men towards your personal light. Making them fall from grace just to get a taste of that forbidden fruit. So expose your chest. Leave just enough to the imagination. Don yourself in gold and gems to stun and ensorcell the world around you. No one can resist.

4) Strategic stupidity

No one like’s a Smartass. All of those nerds and smart folks are so miserable. Such bores. Think of the greatest people in the world who have made an impact. Politicians. Communicators. Models. Actors. Did they have brains or knowledge? NO. They were Popular.
You’ve got to be popular. And the fast track to popularity is to be a ditzy airhead. Laugh at other people’s jokes. Make them feel a little superior to you mentally. Be a good fun dimwit. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually the smartest person in the room, calculating the social gains of every interaction.
They don’t need to know that. They just need to be dazzled.

5) Diamonds are a Himbo’s best friend

Shallow. Materialistic. Gold-digging. Such high praise for you. You look good, so you deserve good things. A life in the lap of luxury, treating yourself to the finer things the world has to offer is the ideal for a Himbo. Like a Beautiful bird of paradise in a gilded cage. Fancy clothes, Good food(but not too much, you’ve gotta watch your figure). Toys to play with. And if you need a sugar daddy or two to supply those riches, then that’s just another trinket to add to your collection.

6) You are a toy, you need to be played with.

You are a sexual object. Why have a body this good if it’s not going to be used? You want it. You need it. A toy to be passed around. A slut renowned for your skill. The fact that so many people want to use you for your body should be a compliment, not a curse. You’re addicted to the attention. Those leering eyes; the groping hands. It all feels so good. Life affirming. Nothing more than a precious little Ken doll for people to dress up and fulfill their deepest, darkest fantasies with.

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