Flawless Teflon. While all the rest of his peers seem to struggle to keep their heads above water, the himbo merely floats unbothered. Must be all the air in that beautiful head of his. The himbo on campus is truly flawless. Bouncing around without a care in the world. He knows he’s golden.

But how could that be? He spends more time looking in the mirror than he does looking in a text book. Pulls more one-night stands than he does all-nighters. And yet he’s still ace-ing just about every class. What’s his secret?
He’s fucking the professor…and half the football team, and the swim club, and probably a bunch more people.

Everyone knows it, but no one holds it against him. He’s a school staple; like a mascot whose ass everyone has seen. People adore him. They want him and want to be him. To exist in his orbit is like being graced by the rays of the sun. If there’s a party worth being at, he’s almost certainly there being the center of attention. Somehow more familiar with the dorm rooms of other people than his own. A social butterfly coasting through life. Dancing on air. Everyone knows his look, his fashion, his reputation. But when it comes to meaningful mentality ,well, there’s not much there. Shallow and simple, but he’s so pretty. And such an easy lay.

It’s not a trick or a trap; at least not on purpose. After all, a poisonous creature can’t help if its got pretty colours. And love..or more likely lust can be a powerful toxin. A long line of unwitting victims fallen prey to his looks. All it really takes is a plumped up smile here, a tight crop-top there; maybe a couple blowjobs and everyone is putty in his hands. They’d do anything for him. Free access to clubs. Fancy trinkets and baubles. Total passes on all his courses.

And the best thing is, he’s so dumb he doesn’t even know the power he has over the souls of the masses. A blind idiot god leaving a swathe of jilted lovers and ensorcelled peers in his wake. Too self absorbed and wrapped up in himself to notice the effect he has on people. Just enjoying his own little microcosm that revolves around him and his beauty and pleasure.

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