The luscious Lower body; Quads, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings. Unfortunately underrated, under-utilized and undertrained by most men. But the Himbo once again makes use of the things that most men neglect to their ultimate advantage. In fact, most Himbos start their journey to that pinnacle with simple squats, sets upon sets finding an almost erotic pleasure in it until over time and almost without their noticing they’ve built those sturdy columns to support and enhance the rest of their beauty.

But where the Bull or the Jock’s legs are grown to eventually trade their delicate grace for a gorgeous and arousing grotesquerie of mass, the Himbo straddles that line. Training them like the rest of their form, sculpting and molding them into enticing artworks, carefully teased like the finest clay to produce a product that the highest bidder would gladly pay an arm and…wel

There’s something about the supple nature of a Himbo’s Lower body that drives people crazy. That bouncing tight bubble butt, the way flesh can yield to fingers one second, and then rebuff them with a flex the next.

It’s the kind of package one wants to grab at, and the Himbo is always more than happy to oblige. Being groped, manhandled, squeezed and played with; It’s all just forms of worship and adulation that they’ve worked their whole life to achieve.

The Himbo morphs themselves into works of art, mimicking and then surpassing the David with their beauty and form. And like the David and all those classical and renaissance sculptures the ultimate pinnacle of their journey is to be gazed at longingly from below, covetous hands grasping at bare Marble glutes and brass quads.

It almost makes one want to kneel and examine them up close, like a discerning collector, marveling at the freedom from blemish of an artifact bought at auction. Tracing fingers up the calf muscles, around to the vastus medialis, entranced by the well formed Gluteus Maximus. Losing yourself in your prized artwork, like some foolish Pygmalion to a masculine Galate

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