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If you’ve somehow managed to snag a himbo into a standard work environment, then you have won yourself one of the best tools you could imagine.

Pure charisma and charming sex appeal; they’ll have customers begging to give you their money with just a smile. They excel in a position where all of the attention is showered on them. Maybe that’s a customer service role with slack-jawed clients barely disguising their lust for him.  Or maybe it’s a warehouse position where all the other boys can gawk and ogle at the way his khaki’s strain around his ass every time he goes to pick up a box. That’s why a Himbo comes into work. A captive audience to shower them with Adoration. Eyes coming and going and looking and staring hungrily at them. Their true job, no matter what their title, is to perform and oblige their hungering adoring fans. They know exactly which itches to scratch to get those extra bonuses at the end of the year and they are more than happy to use their most potent resource to get it.

Sure, Victor’s been written up more times than he can count(not that he can count super high) for supposed “dress code violations”; but he knows that’s just the HR guys’ way of flirting with him. He always comes back the next day, technically compliant but only technically.

With a body like his he knows he’ll get complaints about being a ‘distraction’ and ‘ a threat to my marriage’ regardless of what he wears. So might as well have fun with it right?

He knows he’s untouchable…at least in the metaphorical sense. Literally speaking he is probably the MOST touchable person around (The IT specialist wishes he could use those tits as a mousepad.) But when you basically have being the Bosses personal desk toy as a part of your total compensation, you wield the immunity and privilege that gives you as a badge of honor. Doesn’t matter what anyone says, you’ll spend all your time draped over someone else’s desk or checking your hair in the mirror. It’s a part of your contract.

But Victor is a really hard worker nonetheless. It’s an exhausting, but rewarding business when your body is a product for the company. Most days it’s just a matter of undoing the top few buttons, but bigger clients can really be a handful…and a mouthful, and occasionally an ass-ful. Two if it’s a part of a joint account. But the Avis Athletics Agency prides itself on using the best practices when whoring out our top performers, and employees who prove themselves in that role can expect ample benefits and further responsibilities in the future. The bigger Victor grows those tits, the more he flashes that pretty smile, the more dress code violations he gets; the better. He knows the boss has his eye on him. That’s just how he likes to do his work.

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