“Wow you’ve got abs!” the glowing commendation that pushes so many young Jocks down that pathway that leads ultimately to predatory victory; the innate pull towards a strong core, low body fat and a predisposition towards athleticism.

Likewise the pursuit of that sculpted washboard physique is what separates the weak from the strong, the true winners from the losers. As almost every young man pumps out hundreds of crunches a day in an attempt to gain the fleeting attention of their peers, those who just aren’t cut out for it mentally and physically quickly surrender to their fate, rising with aching abs and deciding to put it off till later while wasting their time on Video games and other idle pastimes.

Those natural born predators however, made out of the stronger stuff that champions are crafted from, keep going. Keep pushing to bigger and better things, because they recognize the strength and versatility of the core.
They know that if they want to succeed on their chosen battleground they need to build that solid, rock hard foundation.

The agile swimmer needs it for breath control pushing air through those lungs. The wrestler needs it for balance, the muscles of the core pulling and pushing to keep everything around it steady. The baseball player needs it to power through with those killer swings. The football player needs it for the pure force of tackling his opponent.
And all need a strong and steady core to stand up straight after their victory and glare down at the broken egos of their unworthy competitors whom they had the unimaginable pleasure of destr

The presentation of a strong set of abs is therefore its own medal, a silent gloating trophy that automatically sets the Jock one step above the rest. Hard won and trained through countless sweating hours. A showcase of their own determination, physical and mental superiority, and ultimate victory.

So that even off the field, the jock walks and swaggers as if he has a medal bouncing on his chest. Because honestly, he has one better. In the office, in the bar, in the bedroom; he always knows that he’s wo

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