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School is a rough time for most bulls. It’s just such an unnatural and stifling environment that does nothing but inhibit true potential. Like a plant in a tiny pot; no bull can ever grow to their full size when trapped within the confines of Academia.

It’s just such an alienating environment when your deepest desire is muscle. Forced to sit through class and lectures when you would rather be pressing 60s at the gym. No one understands you. No one relates to you. You’ll always be the biggest in class and still want more. They just don’t understand that obsessive passion deep down. It’s isolating. They wonder why you eat so much. They wonder why you talk about muscle and the gym so much. They wonder why you’ve shelled out so much money for the Gold membership at the university gym.

You could never tell them the truth. That the reason you go to the gym so often is because you love muscle more than anything. More than any class you’ve ever taken. More than any job you’re supposed to work when you graduate. That it is an addiction in the deepest fiber of your being and that all you want is to be a piece of meat. Treated like livestock. Forced to grow and appreciated for your body.

They’d never understand that because they insist on appreciating you for your intellect. They insist that your mind is what matters. You know the truth.

Muscle is all that matters.

But you still have to sit in stupid classes. Wasting time and energy that could be spent getting huge. Wasting money that should be spent on food, supps and roids. Wasting mental capacity on stupid shit like stats and Math and Computer Science when all you really wanna think about is how fucking good the Pump feels. How fucking big you will grow, and how bad you wanna just ditch class to go get in a workout.

Inevitably it does get to the point where people see less and less of you in class. The only reason you’ve stuck around so long is because the campus has the biggest gym you’ve ever seen. But eventually you’ll either drop out, or you’ll graduate and promptly trash the fucking diploma. Either way, when you finally finish that school shit you’ll finally be able to follow your real calling. Hell, maybe you can go back and work at the university gym. Support the new generation of bulls. Make sure they don’t make the same mistake that you did by wasting time with class. Get them in the gym and let them avoid the fate that you did, Muscle bull.

Muscle is all that matters.

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