Killer, predatory focus. Those steely eagle eyes surveying the battlefield for his prey. A jock’s eyes are the eyes of a hunter, a monstrous animal bred and raised for success and victory.

Sure some jocks are dumb as a box of rocks in most affairs, seeking a life of physical splendour rather than erudition; others were nerds in a former life but have had that Jock programming activated as the predatory genes sparked to life. But each of them possesses a singular intellect that glints like gold behind those eyes.

This intelligence is the same kind of focused, instinctual intuition that helps Lions to hunt on the Savannah or wolves to hunt in a pack. The knowledge and ability to scan one’s surroundings and pick out little advantages for oneself be it the environmental conditions(e.g. Playing your game on home turf), rungs in the edifice of the social hierarchy(e.g. Figuring out that one of the best ways to advance is to become a hot piece of ass), or the strengths of your teammates(e.g. Like finding that one nerdy jockbro and convincing him to do all your work for you) and use those ruthlessly to your advantage. This serves especially well in sports and acts as one of the primary weapons in the Jocks arsenal.

Similarly, the Jock gaze is equally adept at finding weaknesses. They stick out to the jock like the silver scales of an Anchovy stick out to a Barracuda. And once a weakness is seen that predatory Jock will lunge forward digging tooth and claw into it and never letting go until that weakness is devoured and removed like the cancer it is. This is the real reason so many Jocks end up becoming bullies. School, The workplace, The whole of society is filled with so many glaring weakspots. In the best case scenario the Jock will bite into that vulnerability and with surgical precision make moves to take it out making the whole world stronger as a result.

Then they lick the wound to offer support and guidance. To encourage healing. This is the basis of every team sport. Mutual mutilation till only the best parts of everyone remain.

Other, less optimal, times however the jock gets that predatory blood lust in his eyes like a shark going in for the kill. So they’ll bite and pick and gnash and claw until the whole beast becomes nothing more than shreds of chum in the water of the world. This blood frenzy attacks people (E.g. Attacking The insecure gay kid in school), Social Constructs (E.g. Recognizing that instead of working hard they can coast on their own intimidation factor), Places (E.g. Turning supportive safe spaces into arena’s for their own blood sport).

It even has a tendency of turning inward and the Jock will seek to eviscerate and tear away any weakness in himself to become stronger. Many jocks are strong enough to withstand this psychic self injury; the constant workouts and endless competition to be the best even when the only person they are competing with is themselves. Their own eyeballs carving out self-diagnosed cancers.

Others aren’t so lucky.

For Resources to help embody your Jock Journey you can use the files found here(1, 2, 3)