The mindless euphoric glow of the workout is the pleasurable drug of choice for all good Muscle bulls.

Others might get pumped and break their bodies for the results; garnering the pleasure from the progress made but the brainwashed muscle bull has turned the very workout itself into an erotic, life changing experience. Every single rep lighting up their nerves, trained to associate the pump with ecstatic pleasure. Every set making their whole bodies writhe and convulse with arousal.

“One more Set!” becomes less of a resigned cry at the idea of more pain and instead acts akin to moaning in your lovers ear, calling out their name for more.

The feeling of heat and sweat dripping from your skin setting your world ablaze, consumed by a mindless lust for growth, a hunger for the pump, an unending perverse desire to feel your body grow in real time.

Blood rushing to your muscles, making them swell and pump up and feel so good even to the point that the soreness and pain become almost orgasmic. Loving the pump so much that it rewrites your mind to make pain into pleasure.

The sound of weights clinking and of your own grunts and roars with every rep like the caught breath and moans of your partner, but the knowledge that everyone can see and hear you only increasing the arousal.

The pressure of all eyes on you, admiring you, worshipping you, wishing they could be half as big and strong. Drooling people all around you, just begging to reach out and touch the bulging muscle, a privelege withheld for a select few.

The muscle bulls entire body becomes his sex organ, throbbing and twitching and getting bigger just like the one between his legs. Feeling that power course through every muscular fibre until all that exists is his body and the gym simply forms another, more potent, erotic ritual. Replacing jerking off, Sex, everything. Working out harder and harder just becomes another form of nymphomania.

Muscle is all that matters. All that exists is the pump.

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